Saturday, August 1, 2015

In My Mailbox #196

This week have been busy for me. The road trip to Sweden earlier this week was pretty awesome, though hotel was so crappy and yeah, Sweden is not for me. I bought a bunch of things, lots of candy, hah. But went to get a lot of Capri-Sonne, yet they did not have any of the tastes I wanted. Ugh. So annoying. Other than that, I did like my trip with my mom and sister and nephew :) I didn't have much time to read this week, though, but yesterday I read Overboard, which I liked. <3 Reading more next week, reading LOTS. Currently re-watching the Harry Potter movies, since I finished the books last week :D Just finished movie 6. So almost done. Sobs. So depressing. Love these books and movies. Not many blog posts this week. But I posted another Cress Tuesday. <3 This week I'm waiting on Vengeance Road :D I posted a preview review of Overboard. <3 I also got a buuunch of books this week :D Mostly Frozen books, hah. But other precious ones too. I'm just so very happy with it all. What did you get this week?

Mad Max. Finally got this gorgeous book from Amazon :D It is stunning. Loved this movie so much.
Big Hero 6. I had to get this precious. So much love. All the Big Hero 6 books are stunning. Love this.
Disney Infinity. Oh, fine. I got more of these. I had to. They are gorgeous. Playing it soonish, I think :)
Thor. I did not know he was a bobble head. Hmph. But still gooorgeous :D Better when he stands, hah.
Jon Snow. Gorgeous. But regret buying him. Too damn expensive. And he is so so tiny. What. But love.
The Last Ever After. Personalized hc finally arrived from Books of Wonder :D And US paperback. <3
Everblaze. I loved book one and two. Have yet to read this one, ack. This paperback is so so stunning.
The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden. YAY for getting to buy this one :D So so excited for it.
Vengeance Road Swag. Thank you so much Erin. <3 Pre-order and street team :D So much precious.
Daughter of Dusk. Ack! I must read this book soon. It is so gorgeous. Love the final version a whole lot.
Every Last Word. This was a bit expensive, but finally got to buy it. <3 I very much loved this book.
Cinder + Scarlet. Oh my gosh. Look at these precious Swedish editions I ordered :D SO SO GORGEOUS.

Frozen. So many new Frozen books :D I need just about all of them. Ugh. Precious. Just, STICKERS!
How To Train Your Dragon. Another of these precious tv-show books :) They are all oh so gorgeous.
Big Hero 6. And a few more precious books from this movie. <3 So much precious. Ugh. Love it so.
Hotel Transylvania 2. I need this movie. Now I know spoilers :D These are gorgeous. Oh, how I need it.
The Art of Disney. Oh my god. These postcards are STUNNING. From a few movies :D Tangled too. <3
Frozen. I had to get these cards. <3 I think they are a sort of game. I own others too. But, just, cute.
Plushes. I got these while in Sweden. <3 I want all the plushes from this series. Ugh. They are perfect.
Furious 7. I ordered this score in April. It finally shipped :D Love! Still waiting for the soundtrack. Hmph.

Signed The Last Ever After. Yesss. I'm so so thrilled about this. <3 Thank you Soman :) You are the bestest. And I love my signed book oh so much. It's perfect. I cannot wait to finally read this final one :D

Throne of Glass T-Shirt. Ahh! Thank you so much to Kim @ The Midnight Garden. <3 You girls are the best. So so so thrilled that I won the giftcard for this t-shirt :D It is STUNNING. I love it oh so much.

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  1. Where did you get your paperback US copy of The Last Ever After??? I cannot find it anywhere!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I bought it via BookDepository :D But ah. I wrote wrong. This was the UK paperback, but I'm getting the US paperback of it next week, same place bought ;) (It is the international paperback edition, I think, since official US paperback isn't out until a year from now.)

    3. Okay, whew, that's what I thought. I would have bought one if I could find it. Guess I will have to wait a year :) Thank you!

  2. Cool shirt! Aaah gorgeous signed copy of Last Ever After! And OH MY i love those copies of Cinder & Scarlet. So pretty!!

  3. You have so many books! Wow. I want to read The Last Ever After so bad!

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  4. Aaaah, love the Throne of Glass shirt!! I really need to get me one soon-ish!!
    Yay for roadtrip with the family even if the hotel was a bit crappy!
    So many awesome goodies! Happy reading sweetie!

  5. Those Swedish editions of Cinder and Scarlet are absolutely stunning Carina! I so wish that I had time to go on a road trip! I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  6. Daughter of Dusk looks like a great read. Hope you enjoy and have a great upcoming week

  7. Fantastic haul, C! Love those shirts. :)

  8. That t-shirt is really pretty! congrats on winning!
    I still need to watch Mad Max. I know it's getting great reviews.
    Yay for Every Last Word. Love that book so much. <3


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