Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cress Tuesday #71

Eeek! Have you all seen the summary for Winter yet? :D It's on goodreads, here. <3 And it is perfection. And now I'm even more excited. And omg. 800 pages! It will be so huge. And gorgeous. I just cannot wait. I know that Winter will be amazing. <3 Because I really loved Cinder, Scarlet, Cress & Fairest. I also cannot wait for all the other upcoming books by Marissa; especially Heartless :D So excited for everything that she writes. I will be re-reading these books pretty soon, I think, because I have waited more than long enough already. Ack. And I love them so much. Just wishing it was November already. Sigh. Waiting for Winter has taken forever, but I know the wait will be worth it. I'm thinking about doing these teasers until November. We'll see :D I love sharing them. I hope you are all enjoying these small and awesome teasers from Cress :) See all the previous Cress Tuesdays here. <3 Have you read it yet?


In her famished, delirious, mind-weary state, Scarlet almost laughed at the irony. She barely swallowed it back down. The queen noticed the twitch of her lips, and frowned. Pulse quickening, Scarlet cast her eyes around the throne room. Though she had been forced to kneel, they had not put her in any restraints. With the queen herself present, plus a handful of guards and a total of ten thaumaturges--Sybil Mira, plus three in red and six in black--she supposed they hadn't been too concerned that she might try to escape.


 My poor Scarlet. More details about her capture. Sniffs. 

Huge thank you to Marissa Meyer and Macmillan Kids for letting me share these gorgeous Cress Tuesday teasers with you all. <3 They are the bestest. Thank you so much. I hope you are all loving the teasers :D I know that I am loving finding them and sharing them with you all. If you haven’t yet read Cress, I hope these teasers are making you more excited about it. <3 I’m sharing all these teasers from my stunning hardcover of Cress. Well, from one of my copies. I might be owning a whole bunch of them :D


  1. My poor Scarlet, I felt so bad for her in this book!! I do hope it'll be better for her in Winter!!
    Fantastic teaser sweetie!!

  2. Scarlet! Of everyone, I really hope she and Wolf get their happy ending in Winter the most. I mean, I want them for everyone, but I think they went through the worst. November needs to come faster!

  3. Look how pretty all those covers are together!! These lovely posts always remind me how much I CANT WAIT to see the Winter cover!!!


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