Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #159

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Deep in the Kalahari Desert, a Corpus lab protects a dangerous secret…
But what happens when that secret takes on a life of its own?

When an educational safari goes wrong, five teens find themselves stranded in the Kalahari Desert without a guide. It’s up to Sarah, the daughter of zoologists, to keep them alive and lead them to safety, calling on survival know-how from years of growing up in remote and exotic locales. Battling dehydration, starvation and the pangs of first love, she does her best to hold it together, even as their circumstances grow increasingly desperate.

But soon a terrifying encounter makes Sarah question everything she’s ever known about the natural world. A silver lion, as though made of mercury, makes a vicious, unprovoked attack on the group. After a narrow escape, they uncover the chilling truth behind the lion’s silver sheen: a highly contagious and deadly virus that threatens to ravage the entire area—and eliminate life as they know it.

In this breathtaking new novel by the acclaimed author of Origin and Vitro, Sarah and the others must not only outrun the virus, but its creators, who will stop at nothing to wipe every trace of it.

Hardcover, 368 pages
Expected publication: February 24th 2015 by Razorbill
Pre-Order here.

I adore Jessica. And I love the two books I have read by her so far. I just cannot wait to read Kalahari. <3 Because it sounds so so awesome. And I love the cover too. And just, ack. This book will be stunning. I just hate waiting, lol. Wishing I could read it right away. <3 This might seem like a series, and it sort of is, but then again, not. Because the books are not about the same character. Just the same company, Corpus. So yeah. You do not need to have read Origin and Vitro before reading Kalahari. Though you should, because both books are awesome. Anyway. I also blogged about the cover in July, here. <3
What are you waiting for on this sunny wednesday?


  1. I still haven't read Origin and Vitro, but I hope to soon-ish! I have Kalahari in my wish list too, since it sounds fantastic! Great pick sweetie!

  2. New to me but sounds good and nice cover. Hope you get to read it soon.

  3. This sounds so great! I can see why you are waiting for this one! :)

  4. Oh yes, this one sounds so good! I haven't read the author's other books, but there on my list. Thanks so much for sharing, love. :3


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