Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Book Recommendation: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

I have been meaning to re-read Seraphina ever since I first read it back in May 2012. But it never happened. Then, yesterday, I was looking at all my copies of it. And I knew I couldn't wait any longer. And I'm so so glad that I finally re-read this book. Because, oh. Seraphina is such a stunning book. Just perfect. And heartbreaking. And I love it so much. But damn. The wait for book two, Shadow Scale, is going to be even more painful now. I just cannot wait to read it. I'm so excited for it to come out. <3

Seraphina is a different book. Different and all kinds of special. I'm just so glad I finally decided to read it again, because now I loved it more, I think. And I'm a bit sad about all the things I had forgotten about it. Hmph. I had forgotten how very amazing it was. I had forgotten how much I adored Seraphina. And how much I loved Lucian Kiggs. Just, sigh. This book is beautiful. And I love it to pieces. Now I'm excited about reading it a third time someday, hih. I cannot even imagine never not loving this book.

I'm not sure what I want to share about this book. I want to talk about all of it, yet I don't. Because I need you all to read Seraphina right away. Because it is best to read it yourself. This book is just stunning. So much fantasy and history and surprises. There is so much to love about it. Like the amazing romance. Which is very small. But it is perfect too. Reading about Kiggs and Phina was my favorite part. How they argue and flirt and just are around each other. A bit of forbidden love too.

This book is told from the point of view of sixteen year old Seraphina. Whom I loved like crazy. She is just.. so amazing. So lonely and a bit broken. Yet so kind and strong too. But she has a huge secret. And it is all kinds of awesome. I love what she is. I love how it is on her body. But that one scene, with one scale, shudders. That was so heartbreaking. Yet also so real. Phina is sad and lonely a lot of the time. And I understood her so well. She's hiding what she is. Which she has to. But oh, it is also just so sad.

But then she starts getting friends. And I loved reading that. I loved reading her getting to know Princess Glisselda. And getting to know Prince Lucian Kiggs more too. Sniffs. Though, yeah. This forbidden romance kills me. As he is engaged to the princess. And gah. It kills me. Yet I have hope. I just. I have to. They are too cute together. And I need them together. Anyway. There are so many beautiful relationships in this book. So many friendships. Like Lars. I adored him. And the others. Sigh.

I also really liked her father. Okay, he is kind of cold most of the time, but I enjoyed reading about him. Because I understood him too. And Orma. Sigh. He is just all kinds of awesome. So cold and yet so warm and loving too. I loved that he is her uncle. I just loved Seraphina's relationships with everyone. It is so much fun and heartbreaking and sweet to read about. And omg. Her garden. I had forgotten about that. And it is so amazing and different and just perfect. I cannot wait to get to know them all so much more.

There are dragons in this book. And they are all kinds of awesome. Creepy yet amazing. There is so much about them. So much I still want to know. It was just all so interesting and different and I loved it to pieces. I cannot wait to know more. I just feel like book two will be so perfect. I cannot wait to read it. Because Seraphina is such a perfect book. It is full of heartfelt moments. Exciting moments. A cute and forbidden romance. Amazing friendships. Beautiful and creepy dragons. This book has everything.

There is so much I could say about this book. But I have already said too much, I think, hih. I just. I'm so so glad that I decided to re-read Seraphina. Because now my heart is full. I feel so much for this book. And it makes me so happy. I simply cannot wait to read Shadow Scale. Would give anything for it. <3 Waiting is torture. Ack. But anyway. You have all read this book by now, yes? If not, then you really should. This book is worth it. And I think it ends in a good place. Well, for the most part :D Go read it.


  1. I'm so so happy that you re-read this book and loved it even more than the first time you read it! I finally bought myself a copy although I won't get to read it till I come back from my vacation... but I'll have some great books to welcome me back home!
    Great review sweetie!

  2. DRAGONS. I remember trying this book as eARC, but I didn't like it at that time. I've been wanting to give it another shot ever since. I should try it out soon :)

  3. I'm so intrigued by this one! I've seen it around so much but always kind of ignored it because I really wasn't into fantasy until this year! Your love for this is infectious because now I need to go get myself a copy. I've been trying to read more fantasy and catch up on all the ones everyone loved before I even would bat an eye at fantasy books and this was one I always heard about. And DRAGONS?! Very cool.

  4. Ah, your enthusiasm is killing me! I've had a copy of this for a long time now and still haven't picked it up. I think I need to make the time, though, because it's just my kind of book. :D

  5. I really want to read this book! It sounds so cool. And the cover is gorgeous. I'm just holding out until book 2 releases - have to make sure there is no love triangle. :P
    Thanks for sharing though! You definitely make me want to go out and buy it right now. :D


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