Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: Thornhill by Kathleen Peacock

It has taken me forever to be brave enough to read this book. But now I finally did so. And I'm glad I read it. But I also had some issues with it. Sigh. But. I loved the story. And I like the characters. And I love the romance as well. Still, Thornhill is a three star read for me. Yet I did enjoy this book a whole lot.

I'm not sure how to begin talking about this book. The story is exciting. It takes place right after Hemlock ends, with Mac and Jason going after Kyle. Which I did like, except that I still hate Jason, so yeah. I do wish he hadn't been in this book so much. Sorry. But I do like Mac a lot, still. She is a pretty awesome girl.

I feel like I need to start by sharing why I didn't love this book, like I wanted to. I do think others will love it a whole lot. Because it is an amazing sequel. I just. I didn't manage to connect fully with the characters. Or with what was happening. It was awful, well, supposed to be, but I didn't care all that much. Sniffs. Which sucks a little, as I did find it interesting and exciting. But yeah. I had some issues with the writing. I wasn't able to love how things were described, how Mac was thinking and how people were acting. Yet at the same time it wasn't that bad, because I did always want to know what would happen next. But yes. I didn't love this book. But I also enjoyed Thornhill a whole lot. Which I will try my best to talk about :D

Most of this book takes place inside a werewolf camp, Thornhill. Were we see what they do to werewolves that get caught. It is an awful place. Despite me not being too emotional about it, hih. But I did find it a bit creepy. And awful for those people inside. Anyway. I found the plot to be exciting. And it is. It is surprising too. And I think lots of people will love this book. Just a bit sad that I had some issues with it. Still. I did want to know what happened next. And I was curious about it all. Most of the time :)

I should mention the romance a little bit. I adore Kyle. Though I felt like we didn't get enough of him in this book, didn't get to see too much of why Mac and Kyle loves each other. Hoping for more romance in book three, hih. But anyway. The romance is sweet. And I adore Mac and Kyle together. Then there is Jason. Who loves  Mac. There is one kiss, when they are almost-dying. I didn't like it. But I don't consider this a love triangle, because Mac isn't interested in being with Jason. She is in love with Kyle.

Then there are my personal feelings for Jason. I do not like him. I really, really do not like him. I'm sure he could have been a good person. Before. Before Amy died. Before he started drinking. Maybe. I doubt it. I just don't like him. I didn't like the things he did, how he didn't seem to believe in anything himself, how he just did everything for Mac. I didn't like that. Sigh. And his drinking. He drinks so much. And he acts a whole lot of stupid. Yeah. I hope he gets better, but I doubt I will ever like him. Not my type :)

We also meet many new characters in this book. Eve. Whom I liked. Dex, whom I didn't see the point of. And Hank. Or Curtis. Whom I couldn't care less about, to be honest. Just didn't care. Which sucks. Hmph. Still. It is a different book and it is exciting. And I adored reading about Kyle and Mac. <3 They are awesome. And I cannot wait to get started on Willowgrove next. This review of mine isn't long, as I don't want to share that much about this book, just that I think everyone would love it. So go read it :)


  1. I can barely recall anything substantial about this series. I thought I enjoyed it then but I guess it's not remarkable enough to remember. Sigh. I might have to do a re-read once the series is complete.

  2. I'm glad to hear that althought you only gave this one 3 stars you still enjoyed this one a lot and are really looking forward to the third book!
    Fantastic review sweetie!

  3. Hmm, well it's good to hear you liked this one overall, though I can't say your review has convinced me to give this series a go. I do think I would like the plot as well, but I need to feel connected to the characters in order to want to read about them. Great thoughts, Carina!

  4. I'm so conflicted about starting this! Mostly I've heard what you're saying - that the 2nd guy loves the girl but she doesn't have feelings for him back. But then I've also heard that it skirts the edges of a true triangle... so I'm scared. I'll wait to see what you think of book 3. :P Glad you at least liked it and I appreciate the review! <3

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