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Review: Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

I have been waiting forever for this book. And it still isn't out until November. But I have been entering all the giveaways to win a precious print ARC of this book. And then a few weeks ago I won. Thanks to Once Upon a Twilight. <3 I could not have been happier :D It arrived yesterday; and I started it right away.

It feels like I have been waiting forever, as I read Grave Mercy for the first time back in March 2012. And then I re-read it and read Dark Triumph in January 2013. <3 So it's been a while since I read the first two books. But I didn't have time to re-read, hih, I wanted to start Mortal Heart right away. <3

Which I'm glad that I did. Okay, I should probably have re-read Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph first. As there were some things I had forgotten. But I remembered all the important bits. So it's okay. And I will be re-reading all three books in November when I get my hardcover of this gorgeous book. Sigh. Time to get started with sharing my love. Because my love for Mortal Heart is huge. I loved it to pieces. I'm so happy I got to read it early. And I cannot wait to read it again. Because this book was stunning. It was everything I wanted and more. Okay, fine, not all that much of the previous characters, but enough. <3 And this book had Annith. Whom I grew to love so much. And a bunch of other characters that I fell in love with as well.

I'm not sure how to describe this book. I'm not sure what I should talk about. And what I should not talk about. I will not share spoilers. Yet I want to talk about it all, because there is so much happening in this book and it is all so amazing. There are a lot of mysteries. Surprises. Heartbreak. Romances. And some deaths. This book has it all and I want to share all of it. But I will not. I will just say a few things. Most likely. And then wait for you all to get to read this gorgeous book in November. <3 The wait is worth it.

The whole book is told from the point of view of Annith. And I loved that so much. Because I adored Annith. She's so damn amazing. But I was also a little sad, as I did miss reading about Ismae and Duval. <3 And Sybella and Beast. <3 But that's okay. Because we do seem them a little bit in this book. Not enough, but still enough in a way. If that makes any sense. Because I was truly happy reading only about Annith. And Balthazaar. Omg. Dies a little, as he is the perfect broken bad-boy man. I might adore him.

You see, there is romance in Mortal Heart. And it is stunning. There isn't much of it, but it is still a part of the story. And getting to know Batlthazaar was awesome. I loved reading about him. How broken and sad he was. Okay, mostly sad, but still. And he is a hellequin. Which I will not say more about. But they were so awesome to read about. A bit creepy. Yet perfect too. Such an awesome plot twist. Anyway. The romance between Annith and Balthazaar is slow and burning and perfect. I loved every moment of it.

A lot of this book takes place at the convent. We get to see how Annith lives there. Her life with the abbess. Past and present one. Shudders. I did not like either of those women. And her life with all the younger girls. It was amazing to get to know Annith more. Getting to know more about her past. And what she wants from her future. And what the abbess does not want her to have. Sigh. My love for Annith grew from page to page. Which made me so happy. Also, so you know, the writing is stunning.

There is so much happening in this book. We learn so much about Annith. And we read more of Ismae and Sybella too. And we also learn a lot more of Death aka Mortain. While I'm not a god person, I don't mind reading about Death. So I really enjoyed getting to know more about that. It was interesting and I liked it. Mostly I just loved reading about Annith. I loved reading about all the things she did and all the people she met. So many of them were awesome. But some were not. Loved reading about them all.

As with the first two books, we read more about the young Duchess, Anne. And I adored reading about her. And her small sister. Omg, sobs. I would love to read more about Anne, once she gets older than just thirteen. She was a girl I loved, though. There is also a bit of war in this book. As they are still fighting the French. We learn more about that, and I did like it. Anyway. There is just so much happening in this book and I loved all it. It is interesting and fun and sad and just all kinds of perfect.

I will not say much more about this book. I want to say it all, but I won't. I found Mortal Heart to be a glorious last book to this already fantastic fantasy trilogy. It is full of action, surprises, betrayals and romance. Mortal Heart has it all. And I loved reading every moment of it. Especially the end. I approve of the ending. So beautiful. I'm so glad I have read these three books. <3 And this has a special place in my heart. It was just so good. Which I keeps saying. But honestly. I don't have any other words for it.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that I won this book. Thank you again, Once Upon a Twilight. I'm so glad that I got to read it early. <3 And I cannot wait to read it again. And get my finished copies in November. Sigh. So excited. Huge thank you to Robin for writing this stunning trilogy. And writing this amazing final book. I loved it so much. While it is final, I would love another book or just short stories from the other girls point of views. <3 I'm not done with Annith, Ismae and Sybella yet :)


  1. You are SO lucky to win this. I can't wait to read it. I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones that has to wait.

  2. Wooohooo!! Congrats on winning an ARC for this one!
    So very very happy to hear that you loved it to bits!! I really cannot wait till my preorder gets here!!

  3. I'm not reading your review too closely because I also have an ARC. I'll be reading the book in the next month or so. So happy to see the five stars! Excellent review, Carina :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. OMG so exciting that she loved this one so much!! Gahh I'm dying to read it, but also not looking forward to seeing the series end >_< But yeah, hopefully will get another book or short stories because that would be great. Anyways, great review, Carina - you just made me even more excited to read this one!!

  5. Okay, not reading your review yet because I haven't let myself start this yet--but YAY for 5 stars! :D :D :D I am very, very excited to start this soon. So glad you loved it!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  6. I just started Dark Triumph! I am excited to be back in the world of the Handmaidens of Death! I should try to read it slowly, savor it and draw out the experience so the wait until November doesn't feel so long. In reality, I will probably finish it in on sitting tomorrow!
    Lucky, lucky, you!

  7. I'm so glad you won an ARC!! :) I, shamefully, haven't read Dark Triumph yet, though I loved Grave Mercy and want to desperately. I'm just happy to see you loved this as much as you wanted to, as well. ;D

  8. YAY. I'm just so happy you loved it! I think it's my favorite of the series (though Beast and Sybella's romance is my favorite). But Balthazaar. <3 I feel like he could be an adult PNR romance haha; he had me swooning. And I love how strong Annith was. Her story definitely grabbed my heart.

    Thanks for your review, lovely!


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