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Review: Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff

I liked this book. I liked this book a lot. I was hoping that I would love it, as I have enjoyed three other books by Brenna. And with that cover and summary, how could I not love this book? But I was also worried. But I didn't have to be. Because this book was pretty amazing. And I loved it so very much.

Fiendish is told from the point of view of seventeen year old Clementine. Who has been trapped in the cellar of her house for the past ten years. Shudders. That was creepy to read about. She has been sleeping and dreaming and aware of it sometimes. It just all sounded so awful. Yet also so amazing too, in a way.

The worst of it was that her eyes were sewn shut. That was very creepy for me. Ack. But, thankfully, it doesn't take a big part of this story. But I did love that it was included, because it was creepy. Which I love. Anyway. Clementine has been shut away. Which we learn the reasons for after some time. The beginning of the book is about her being found by a boy, Eric Fisher. Whom we are calling Fisher. And I loved that part too. Clementine was so adorable when she was finally taken out of the closet of her burned down house. It was weird. And creepy. But it was sweet too. And oh. The plot in this book is just all kinds of awesome. It is different and amazing. I loved reading about it all. But it did break my heart that Clementine was locked away and forgotten for so long. It was heartbreaking. And all kinds of amazing too. Fiendish has an awesome story line. There is so much happening yet I always wanted even more to be happening. Which is good.

I don't want to share all the details about this book. Just some of the things that I loved. First I should say that the writing is beautiful. I had no issues with it, which was very good for me. I loved the writing. And I adored all the characters. Well, I didn't like Davenport. Hah. But I loved just about everyone else. And the romance in this book is stunning. Sigh. It isn't too much of it, but at the same time it has a huge part in the book. And I loved that. Because it is a sweet romance. And a great friendship too.

There are a lot of characters to get to know in this book. There is the best friend, Shiny. Whom I loved and hated at the same time. I didn't like some of the things she said to Clementine. But I did adore her most of the time. And I felt so sorry for her, for how she lived with her mom. As her mom is not quite there. Ack. Still. I did mostly love Shiny. The other friend is Rae. Whom I also liked a lot. She was cute and fun. I'm glad that there were friends for Clementine in this book, as I ended up loving them a lot.

There is, of course, a boy. And it is the best boy. I loved getting to know Fisher. He's an amazing character. Sure, he's kind of a coward at times. But he is also kind and loving and honest. We didn't get to see him all that much, but I loved reading about him. I found the things he could do to be pretty exciting. And, heh, I kind of really loved the romance between him and Clementine. It was cute. Ack. It was just so adorable and I wanted more. Fisher's grandma was weird, though. I'm not sure I forgive her.

I will not say much more about this book. Just that the plot is all kinds of exciting. There are many creatures in this book. And people. And witches. And people with powers. And creepy things. And exciting things. Fiendish was just all kinds of awesome. And I liked it a lot. I just wish it hadn't ended, because I wanted so much more about Clementine and Fisher. I wanted to know more about what happens next. Mostly I wanted to read about them all some more. But the ending was pretty awesome.

I'm just not sure how to rate this book. I'm thinking it was a five star read. As I loved it a lot and there wasn't anything I disliked about it. But at the same time, I wanted a little bit more. I wanted the book to be longer. I wanted a little bit more romance. But then, this book was also all kinds of awesome. It didn't have any silly drama. It didn't have any heartbreak. It didn't have any love triangle. And it had a bunch of other amazing things. Things that made me love it. So I'm going to go with a five star rating for this.

I found Fiendish to be an amazing book. It was full of mystery and suspense. It was full of sweet and sad moments. Mostly it just made me happy. It was a great book. And I'm so glad that I read it. <3 I'm crossing all my fingers that there might someday be a sequel for this book, because I do feel like there could be more, and I just really want more of Clementine and Fisher together. <3 They were adorable. Sigh. Anyway. I thought this book was awesome. And I think you should all read it. Because it's amazing.


  1. Good review. I like the fact that this has an awesome cover. I like that this has friendship as it focus, not romance. Fisher and Clementine sound like characters that you root for and that's always important.


  2. Wow, her eyes are literally sewn shut?? I'm assuming that this book is a standalone right?

    It sounds really good, I'm always a fan of more romance! :)

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  3. Thank you so much for your review! I really liked Brenna Yovanoff's other books and now I can't wait to read this one. The cover is just awesome and the plot sounds great.

  4. YES! Another super positive review for this one! I feel like I really MUST get it soon cause it sounds so creepy and fantastic!
    So happy to hear you loved it and loved the writing!
    Thanks for the great review Carina!

  5. OMG her EYES were sewn shut???!!! Yikes! I've been wondering about this one. I absolutely love the cover (as with all her covers), so I'm glad to know it's good!

  6. Ah! this seems SO creepy! I'll have to check it out. You have really intrigued me with this review Carina :-)

  7. Ooh, this creepy read sounds perfect for me! I'm going to go find it on Goodreads. Great review!

    Under The Mountain

  8. The characters esp the best boy has my attention. Glad to hear you enjoyed

  9. I am glad to see you enjoyed this one soo much, Carina!! :D I've been looking forward to reading it and I have to say, I am not all that surprised to hear that the romance was so sweet. Brenna's romances tend to be pretty sweet and swoonworthy ;)

    Also yaas for creepy. I mean I already knew it would be creepy, but I am really glad to hear you say it too! :D All the more reasons for me to read this!

    Lovely review, Carina!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  10. OOH. I just love creepy! I'm so excited you loved this! It's definitely on my TBR, since I've really enjoyed Brenna's other books. :D Great review, Carina!

  11. I'm so glad you loved this book, Carina! I'm looking forward to reading it myself at some point. The story sounds creepy and different, which I love. Also, Fisher sounds adorable. :)

    Lovely review, hon!

  12. This books sounds nicely CREEPY! :D I had mixed feelings about the one book by this author I read (her debut), but this one sounds so awesome I think I may need to check it out. Glad you loved it!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  13. Need to get back to this one soon! I recently started it and then had to set it aside for some other deadlines. Ugh. But it was definitely creepy right from the start especially with the eyes sewn shut! Glad to see you loved it enough to give it 5 stars Carina!


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