Saturday, August 23, 2014

In My Mailbox #147

Hmph. I need to read more. I just haven't felt like reading a lot lately. And I'm still behind on commenting. Though I do comment on a lot of blogs each day. Just need to catch up on my own blog. Ack. And I will. Soon. Once I manage to find the time for it. Or once I stop being lazy. Sigh. Anyway. I'm planning on reading more this upcoming week. Most likely. I have so many books to read. So so many bought books that I have had for years. Ack. And tons of eARCs. And some print ARCs. And oh. I need more time. But I will try to read them all. <3 Anyway. Last weekend I re-watched The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. <3 And my god. They are still my favorites. I want to re-watch them again and again. Hih. I also wrote a The Lord of the Rings blog post. I shared a new Cress Tuesday. <3 Then I decided to re-read Jellicoe Road. Which was the best decision. Perfect book :D This week I'm waiting on Everblaze. <3 And I'm sharing about the Norwegian edition of Jellicoe Road. <3 And then I read The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place. It was adorable. And fun. And creepy. Anyway. I did get some amazing books this week :D I'm happy with it all. <3 But.. I'm also still waiting on so much. Grrr. I do not like waiting on mail. Especially things I have won. I feel like they are lost in the mail, and will never arrive. Ack. But I'm crossing my fingers for next week. <3 Anyway. What did you get this week?

I'm giving away THREE hardcover copies of the Norwegian edition of Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. You must all enter this giveaway. It's even International. And it has a gorgeous cover. Enter here. <3

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. This is HUGE. And gorgeous. So stunning. Hoping to read it soonish. <3
Fiendish. I have waited a long time for this. Just need to want to read it, hih. Maybe I'll read it next :D
Gustav Gloom. I adore Gustav Gloom. He is adorable. I need to read this fourth book soon. <3 Pretty.
The Queen of the Tearling. I won this from Becky at Stories and Sweeties. <3 Thank you sweetie. I.. well. Fine. I hated this book. But when I won a book from her, I wanted this. Because it is gooorgeous.
Jellicoe Road. I got this from the Norwegian publisher; Heinesen :D Thank you William. GORGEOUS.
Quintana of Charyn. US paperback edition. <3 I adored this book. And oh, just look how pretty it is.
Grave Mercy. I had to finally buy the UK paperback edition, hih. Now I have them all, I think :D Pretty.
How To Train Your Dragon 2. These figures are adorable. So cute. Hiccup is awesome, hih. Love them.
The Shadow Society. I just had to own this amazing book in paperback too. <3 Isn't it just gorgeous?
House of Secrets. I got book two in ARC for review a while back. Had to buy this :D Reading them soon.

Princess Mononoke. Gorgeous t-shirt I bought. <3 It looks stunning. And I adore this movie. So good.
Antigoddess. This new US paperback is perfect looking. I want another one. Ack. And I love this book.
Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile. One of my other copies was damaged.. So they sent me a new one :D
Wild Things. I kind of adore Dominic. So I had to buy these via Amazon. Hopefully watching soonish :)
Fire. I had to buy this audiobook. <3 Love this book. Need the Graceling one too. Too expensive for now.
The Fire Sermon. I got this chapter sampler from the UK publisher. <3 It looks gorgeous. Reading soon :D
Jellicoe Road. Heh. I might have gotten three copies from the Norwegian publisher to give away to family/friends :D Don't they look gorgeous? <3 Omg. I want them all for myself. Hah. Just so pretty. There is also a giveaway on my blog for three other copies that the publisher will send to you. <3

The Jumbies. Red Queen. I'm excited for The Jumbies. <3 It looks creepy and awesome. So I'm crossing all my fingers I might love it. <3 Huge thank you to Algonquin for accepting my NetGalley request. <3 And then they auto-approved me. ACK! So exciting :) Sigh. Red Queen. I was curious about it. So I had to download it via Edelweiss. But I peeked. And I am not happy. Stupid fucking love triangles. I'm not pleased at all with what I peeked on. So I'm not sure I will read this book. Sniffs. Maybe I will read it.

My collection of Antigodess by Kendare Blake. <3 So far :D
As always, bunch of pictures on my Instagram. <3


  1. The Norwegian editions of Jellycoe Road are indeed gorgeous, even prettier than the cover I have for my Kindle book!
    So many pretty books sweetie! Hope you'll feel more in the mood for reading more soon!
    I know what you mean about being behind with comments, I'm really behind too and I don't know when I'll be able to catch up!

  2. There are so many pretty books in your pile this week. I really am looking forward to see what you think of Fiendish. I like the cover for that one.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. A gorgeous pile, especially Jellicoe Road, Antogoddess aand Fiendish. I hope I get approved for Red queen, it seems interesting though I am not a fan of love triangles. Happy reading :)

  4. I don't know the movie, but the Princess Mononoke t-shirt is pretty! I also got the Red Queen and I'm SO excited for it. Happy reading :D

  5. Fiendish! I need to get my hands on a copy :D Love your collection of Antigoddess!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. Ahh what ISN'T a love triangle nowadays?

    I really liked The Antigoddess, and I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Tearling!

    Have a good week.
    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  7. The Shadow Society is new to me but sounds good. Hope you enjoy and have a great upcoming week.

  8. What an awesome book haul! I always love seeing all the goodies you get. Happy Reading!

  9. All the pretties! :D You've just reminded me I need to get myself finished copies of both Finnikin and Quintana! The Queen of the Tearling really is gorgeous, so at least you can enjoy its prettiness on your shelves! Eek, and I need to read Antigoddess! I loved Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood books, so obviously. :) I hope you have a wonderful week Carina!


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