Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cress Tuesday #42

I love sharing these Cress Tuesday teasers with you all each week. Because it makes me remember my love for this book. And my love is huge. Sigh. Cress is just such a perfect book. Now I'm just waiting for Winter to come out. And it kills me a little that it isn't out until November 2015. The wait will be long. But also worth it. Going to continue with these teasers for ages, most likely, lol. As I love doing them. Hope you do too. It makes me even more excited to be re-reading the three books in the near future. Hopefully I'll have the time for that soon, as I need to re-read more about Cinder and Kai, hih. <3 Anyway. If you haven't yet had the chance to read Cress, I'm hoping these teasers will convince you to do that :) If you have read it, I hope these teasers reminds you about how amazing this book was. Sigh. See previous Cress Tuesdays here. <3 Hope you are enjoying these (mostly) non-spoilery teasers :)


Before she could question the logic behind giving a knife to a blind man, she had set it into his palm. Thorne reached behind her with his other hand and gathered a fistful of her hair. 
The touch sent a delicious tingle down her spine.


I don't consider this a spoiler. As it happens pretty early in the book. But hah. I adore how much Cress likes Thorne.

Was allowed to do this by Marissa and Macmillan; Thank you. <3 Marissa is the best. Check out her amazing website :D I'm also very much in love with the Lunar Chronicles facebook. So pretty. I hope you enjoy the teasers :) There will be one teaser each Tuesday. Can't wait for you all to read Cress :) Also, the teasers are now from my finished hardcover copy of Cress :D And oh, how it is gorgeous. <3


  1. I gasped when it's all gone. Oh her lovely hair! *sobs*

  2. Aaaaaaah, I was wondering if a blind man with a knife was a good idea too! But I kept picturing Thorne and Cress a bit like Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled! ;)
    Great teaser, sweetie!!

  3. Yessss, loved this book! And the banter between those two was awesome.

  4. Aww, Thorne and Cress! They're the cutest. Oh my gosh.


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