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Book Recommendation: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

It's been so long since I first read Wither. This is the third time I have read it, but I think the last time was back in August 2011. I'm not sure, though. And now I'm finally reading it again because the third and final book, Sever, is being released today :) I'm so happy for that. Because Wither is a perfect book. Fever too, which I will also re-read. I loved re-reading Wither. I really did. Because it is an amazing book, with an amazing world with great characters. And I love the writing. Plus, Lauren is adorable.

Wither is a Dystopia book. But it felt more like a book about love. Mostly sister love. Which I adored. But omg. It is so dystopian too. I loved reading about the world Rhine was living in, even though we didn't get to see much about it at all. But I loved what we learned, and I can't wait to learn more about it. It sounded amazing. With most of the whole world gone and everyone dying. Males die at age 25. Females die at age 20. I loved reading about it, because it was scary and amazing and real, in a way.

This is the story about Rhine. She's a sixteen year old girl living alone with her twin brother Rowan. They love each other. But oh. We don't get to see them together, because this book begins with Rhine in a van. She's just been taken. She doesn't know where she will end up, but there are a lot of options that she knows about. Girls are being taken to be whores, slaves, and to be brides to rich people. She gets chosen along with two other girls from the van. While the rest of them gets shot. Sniffs. It was sad.

Rhine has been picked to be a bride. Along with the other two girls. They are to be the brides of House Governor Linden, who lives with his father Housemaster Vaughn. I'm still confused about my feelings for Linden. I didn't really like him. I felt pity for him at times, but I think that was all. But Vaughn. Oh, how I hated him. He's one of the first generations, so he's 70 years old. And he was just so creepy! And cruel and mean. He did some very awful things. I hated him. But I also found him to be a tiny bit amazing.

But anyway. Rhine is an easy person to love. I found her to be amazing. She's kind and sweet and strong. She's not happy about being a prisoner in this mansion. And I liked that. But she still have kindness for her sort of maid, Deirdre, who is just so young and adorable. I worry for her, what will happen to her next. I felt sorry for her a bit too. But she was very amazing. Then there is Rhine's sister wives. Jenna and Cecily. Cecily is a thirteen year old brat. But I sort of loved her, in a weird way.

Jenna is different. She's eighteen, and she's not happy about being there at all. Even worse than Rhine. And Cecily wants to be there, kind of, I think. At least she seems happy. But Jenna isn't. But oh, she is strong. I loved her very much. She was amazing. I hated what happened to her before, and now. But yeah. I loved her. Cecily was very annoying, but I kind of liked her too. Okay, I hated her at the end. Like really hated her. But she's just so young and I'm not sure if I can blame her for some things she did.

All of this book takes place in this mansion. Kind of wished at times it would take more place in the world outside, but I never found the book boring, so I guess I didn't mind it that much :) One thing I disliked was how long Rhine is there.. Ten months pass. Sniffs. I didn't approve. But I sort of got it too. Kind of. But yeah. Rhine doesn't want to be there. She wants to get home to her brother. She wants to be free. But she still befriends Linden's dying wife, Rose. That was kind of cute, but also heartbreaking.

I'm not sure how to feel about the marriages in this book. I thought that Linden and Cecily fit together well. Although he is 21 and she is 13, and that bothered me a whole lot. But Cecily did seem happy. Sigh. And Linden and Jenna seemed a bit sense too, even though they never cared for each other. But Linden and Rhine.. I did not approve. They don't have a real relationship, and all they ever do is share a few short kisses, thank god. But yeah. He loves her. And she starts to feel things for him too. Didn't like.

But then there is another character. This servant boy, Gabriel. And omg. I LOVED Gabriel. He was just the best. He's in this book from the beginning, and I loved that. He and Rhine falls for each other. We don't get this huge romance between them, but a few kisses and some great feelings. And I loved them together. And I adored Gabriel. He's just so sweet and lovely. And I felt a bit sorry for him as well. But yeah. The ending with him is amazing. I just, yeah. Gabriel is the best character, at least to me :)

There is a lot of things happening in this book. I won't say more about it. Some awful things. Some heartbreaking things. But also some happy and sweet moments. I cannot wait to re-read Fever, and then finally read Sever. <3 I recommend you to read Wither because it is an amazing book. Rhine has such a great relationship with her sister wives, Jenna and Cecily. And with Gabriel. And yeah. This book is just amazing. I loved it very much. You also need to follow the author, Lauren, because she is the best :)

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  1. I know I really liked this one! I might re-read it soon like I did with Eve, so I can finally continue and end this series. Great review Carina :)



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