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Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano

I finished this book last night. Once I started reading it I just could not stop. Sever is the last book in this amazing trilogy, so be aware of spoilers for book one and two. And oh my god. Sever is an amazing book! A perfect ending to this amazing series. There was one thing that upset me a bit, but I'm still giving this book a five star because I found it to be so so amazing. Sever is truly a great end to this great series.

I still don't know how I felt about this book, to be honest. I'm happy. Heartbroken. Full of pain. But also glad about something that hurt others. Which is kind of weird of me, but oh well :D But what I do know is that I loved this book. Sever was perfect. I had wished for more Gabriel. But yeah. The plot was perfect, and I loved reading about Rhine and Cecily. They are amazing.

Sever starts where Fever ended. With Rhine having just woke up after months of sort of torture by Vaughn. My god. I hate him more for every book. But yeah. That ending of Fever, it was the worst. The things that happened to Rhine. Sobs. But I loved it. She's now in a hospital with Linden and Cecily. She's pregnant again. And I worry for her. Because she's just fourteen. And she's so sweet, to be honest, even though I kind of disliked her in the first books. But she's better in this one. I really loved reading about Cecily in Sever. And Bowen.

There is so much happening in Sever. And yet I wanted more and more and more. But I was happy with it all. Mostly. Rhine isn't yet healed from the cut in her leg, so she's going to be staying with Linden's uncle, Reed. He's another of the first generations, so he's about 70. He is a bit weird. But oh. I kind of really loved him. He's unique, and just amazing. He has a very dusty house, though. Rhine stays there for many days, to get better. And Cecily and Linden and Bowen stays there for a while too. Liked that.

Rhine has tried to tell Linden about Vaughn, and all the awful things he have done and is still doing. But yeah. It's hard to make Linden believe that. But oh my god. Then this most awful thing happens. And Linden is starting to see things a bit more clearly. But oh. So, so heartbreaking. But also kind of perfect, in a weird way. Linden still loves Rhine. Which I kind of hated. But we also get to see the end of their marriage, in a way, and I loved that. Even though I still think that Rhine loves him. Sniffs.

I just loved reading about Cecily. She's grown up more. She isn't quite as stupid in this book, hih. But yeah. She still does some stupid things that I didn't approve of. But for the most time I felt sorry for her, and I just wanted to hug her. I kind of loved her and Linden's relationship, because she really loves him. He loves her in a weird way, though, but it's still love, I suppose. They both have a big part in this book. And I did like that. But I hated that Gabriel wasn't a part of it all. It just wasn't fair. Cries.

Gabriel. My favorite character in this series. And he is barely in this book at all. A few pages. Maybe. And oh. That broke my heart, because I missed him so much, and I wanted and needed more of him. I also wanted a romance between him and Rhine. And there is. Sort of. I just.. I wanted him in this book. I really did. And it broke me that he wasn't. Rhine thinks about him a bit, but not enough, at least not for me. And I still don't know if she really loves him. Sigh. But maybe at the end. Maybe. I don't know.

But even though there isn't Gabriel in this book I still managed to love it. Because I did fell in love with the story as well. The writing. The plot. The characters. And Rhine is amazing. Just, yeah, wish she had thought more about Gabriel.. But then, she is looking for her brother as well. And that was a bit crazy. Because her brother did not seem like a nice person at all. He's killing people. With bombs. And we learn lots about him. Some shocking things about how he's being manipulated as well. Which was a bit awful.

Anyway. The plot in Sever is amazing. We learn lots more about the virus and the way things are over there. I loved reading it all. Just, yeah. I would have loved it even more if Gabriel had been there. Sobs. I wanted more of Gabriel.. But yeah. The book was amazing, still. I loved reading about all the characters. We learn more about Madame as well. I loved that. But sniffs. I didn't learn more about Deirdre :( Sad for Lilac. But oh. I loved reading about them all. Especially Cecily and Rhine. Adore.

Sever is an amazing sequel. A perfect ending to this series. But yes. I wanted more about Gabriel. That felt a bit rushed at the ending, but that is most likely just me and my feelings. I did love the ending of this book. It's heartbreaking. Something awful happens. And I loved it. Hih. Even though this one death was a bit shocking and sudden, it also made sense. I want a fourth book. There doesn't need to be, but I really want one. I do. With lots more of Gabriel. A whole book of just Gabriel :D That would be perfect.

You really need to read Sever if you have read Wither and Fever. It's a perfect book. And oh. I just adore the author, Lauren. She is amazing. So kind. And she writes so well! I cannot wait to read more from her, especially her new series coming out in a year, starting with Perfect Ruin. So, so excited. But yes. I do wish for more about the Chemical Garden as well. Like a short story. Sequel. Or an outtake. I'm feeling greedy, lol. Anyway. I loved Sever. So much. Just wanted more Gabriel :) A great book, though.


  1. I'm glad this series ended well for you, Carina! It's a shame you didn't get as much Gabriel in this as you would have liked though. Maybe the author will treat Gabriel fans to a novella or short story in the future? :)

    Great review!

    1. Thank you sweetie. <3 Sniffs. Yes. Way too little Gabriel :( I'm hoping, but she have said that she's finished with these characters forever :\ But I'm still hoping that maybe one day she'll write more about Gabriel :)

  2. Sad to hear Gabriel wasn't in this much! I really loved him and hoped him and Rhine would have their cute moments! I'm honestly not sure what to expect with this one. I know its going to be amazing, but I sense some mixed feelings from a lot of people! Can't wait to finally read. Great review Carina!


  3. So glad to hear you loved the series ending! I agree, Lauren is lovely and so nice! I need to find time to read this one, but I think I'm subconsciously putting it off so it won't be over.... :-) Wonderful review!

  4. Aw, feel kinda bad for Gabriel.
    Glad it is a good series ending.. the library has my book on hold.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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