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Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

I'm trying hard to figure out how I felt about this book. I loved Legend so much. And at first I was dying to read this book. Then I heard about love square, and I wasn't excited any more. But then I peeked at it myself, and I knew I had to read it. And I must say that Prodigy was a lot better than I expected. Unsure if it is a four or five star. I had wished for more romance, and less square thing. But I kind of loved everything that happened.

I found the writing in Prodigy to be so so good, and I just loved reading from Day and June. Day will always be my favorite. He's just so amazing. So damn broken. Seriously. My heart broke for him all the time. But he's also so sweet and kind and amazing. I really do love him. He's also pretty handsome ;) I'm in love with his long blonde hair and blue eyes. Sigh. Yeah, Day is amazing. I just loved reading from his point of view. He is the best person.

Then there is June. I do love her. I really do. But I wish she had tried to make up to Day what she let happen to his family. I mean, I'm not sure yet if I blame her for it. But she was a tiny bit at fault. And it hurt Day so much. But even so. June is also hurting, which I kind of loved. He's feeling the loss of Metias so much, which broke my heart, because he was so amazing. Sobs. So heartbreaking.

Prodigy starts where Legend ended. With Day and June on the run from the Republic. With John having just died. Cries. That broke me a whole lot. And Day too. Sniffs. But yeah. They are now searching for the Patriots, to make sure that Tess is safe. And ah. I kind of really hated Tess in this book. She was amazing in the first one. But she's kind of evil in Prodigy. I don't blame her for loving Day. I just blame her for being an asshole about it. Found her to be a bit annoying. Still, she means a lot to him.

I loved the plot in this book. I did think it was pretty amazing. Loved how the doctors were able to fix Day's leg. Sigh. I also loved reading about Kaede. She's pretty amazing. I loved her a lot. She's kind and loyal. I did not like reading about Razor. I didn't like him. Ugh. Awful person. And omg. We see more of Thomas as well.. I still hate him like crazy. But yeah. I feel we haven't seen the last of him yet. Sigh. But I do wish he will get killed in an awful way, even though I kind of pity him a tiny bit. For Metias' sake.

There is a lot happening in Prodigy. Lots of action. Some pretty amazing scenes. I loved everything that happened in it, except for a few obvious things. But yeah. The plot is so amazing. We get to see more about the Patriots, and the Colonies. They were awful. But also kind of fascinating. I just love reading about this world that Marie has created. She's amazing. But yeah. This book is heartbreaking. And I so wish Day and June had been together more in it.. But, I also didn't mind that much. Maybe.

Day and June are apart for some time in this book. At least 150 pages. That was heartbreaking. But I also didn't mind it all too much, because it was only a couple of days. So yeah. I would hate it if it happened to be more than a few days. Which is what I fear from book three.. Please don't let that happen. Would break my heart. I can handle heart breaking things, but not when the people I love are apart for a long time. I hate separations. Truly hate them. So that is one of my big wishes for book 3.

But yeah. The romance between Day and June is amazing. It is real and true. I wish it had been so much more. But I loved the few moments we did get. Because they really do love each other. I think Day might blame June a tiny bit for his family, but I also think that he forgives her for it, because he loves her. And oh. His love is just so sweet. Still a bit unsure about how she feels. But yeah. Last few words in this book kind of made it clear. But still so extremely worried for the third book.. But I will have hope.

There is this one thing now that I will talk about that will be SPOILERY. About the love square. Just so you know. I was thinking that it would be goddamn awful. And it kind of was. But I would not call it a love square. See, Tess loves Day. And Day can suddenly see that she isn't a little girl anymore. But he does not feel anything romantic for her. He does not think of her that way. Then she kisses him. He does not kiss her back, but take a few seconds before he pushes her away. Nothing will happen between them. At least, it does not seem like it will at all, and that better not change, just saying :)

Then there is that relationship between June and the new Elector, Anden. He is crushing on her like crazy. Which I hated. Cause I can't stand love triangles. And thing is, it feels like she likes him. He kisses her, and she likes it. But it only happens once, and they are not spending that much time together. And Day and June is not keeping it secret from each other, which I loved. But yeah. I hated that June seemed to like him. I feel that the love triangle will be goddamn awful in book three. But please. I beg you, Marie. Please don't do that. Please let it be amazing without that kind of drama :)

Anyway. I may have had a small problem with that "love square." But it wasn't as bad as I had thought. So I've decided to give this book a five star, because I loved it. And I do believe that June loves Day. Especially at the ending. Even though the ending was the most heartbreaking thing ever, and I wish it will not be like that in book three. But it was also an amazing ending, so I kind of loved it. But oh. So, so heartbreaking. The ending of Prodigy just killed me. I need Champion right now, please!

Prodigy was an amazing book. A perfect sequel. I loved all the characters we got to read about, except for Anden, but yeah. We learn more about Day's little brother Eden. And omg. Heartbreak. But also so happy. And it killed me. So good. I very much loved this sequel. But now I'm dying for book three. I need it right away. I just love Day so much. And June. And I need to know what will happen next. That ending cannot be true. I refuse to believe it ;p Anyway. Read Prodigy! You must :) It is just so amazing.


  1. Awesome review. I am sick of the love triangles too. I loved so much about this book, just like you said. I hope Day and June are together more in book 3 though. It will be interesting to see who Elector Anden is as a person and what he really wants for his country in book 3.

    1. I agree :) Hmm, yeah. Elector Anden could be a great guy. Just, please, no more triangle :) And yesss. Need more of Day and June together. <3 Thank you :)

  2. I'm glad you mentioned Kaede. I didn't talk about her in my review, but I loved her character, too. :) And I completely understand how you feel about lengthy separations. I hope it won't be too bad in the next book... but after the way things ended, I just don't know. I'm glad you decided to read this in the end, Carina! Great review. :)

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  4. Fantastic review Carina - I loved this one too and I'm dying for the next one! =)

  5. Ack. I don't think I have the heart and guts to read this yet. I think I'll wait until the next one. Great review, though. Also, thank you for clearing that love square up. :)

  6. Day and June sound great, and I want to read this series one day.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  7. I love it when a sequel is just as good as the first one! :) Awesome review. *wave* ~Jess

  8. omgomgomg i kind of read the spoiler and OMG TESS! I hope they end up together *wishful thinking* lol Lovely review dear, i cant wait to read this!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf


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