Saturday, August 19, 2023

In My Mailbox #615

How is it another Saturday already? Ahh. I have not done any reading this week. Oops. Had planned on watching lots of movies; haven't gotten to do that yet either. Just been too tired. I finally started taking my outdoor spa baths again, after having had to wait because of a stupid wound. And today I had my fourth two-hour bath in a week. Yeah. I'm tired, haha. It's fully exhausting. But so so good. Sigh. I love my baths. Anyway. I got way way way too many pop figures this week. Oh. I spent way too much money. Sobs. But I just. I love them? All of them. And I had to have them. Sigh. I need more self-control from now on. Ugh. Hoping to find a new book to read in the next days; unsure what I'm in the mood for. As I want something epic to read. Hmm. This week I'm waiting on Fall of Ruin and Wrath :) I hope you are all doing great. <3

Chain of Gold + All These Bodies ARCs. Eee! A lovely trade with Raven. <3 Thank you. Love the pouch.
Pokemon. EEE! New Funko calendar :D I am excited for this in December. <3 Some new trading cards :)

Funko Europe. Oh. These are three orders. I got too much. Sobs. But I love it all, ahh :D But goddamn, all of this was expensive. Ahh! Going to talk about a few of them :) LOVE my new Coraline purse/bag; I shall be using this one from now on. I think it looks stunning. Love all the new Nightmare Before Christmas pop figures, ahh. So cute. Still missing one Stranger Things mystery mini. Ugh. Got new Harry Potter one but still not that damn cat which is the one I actually want, ha. Love the Maggie Witch; regular and glow in the dark. Love my Maleficent; special edition and diamond. <3 And ahh! Disney Princess Bitty pops. They are even smaller than I thought :D I adore them. All my other new pop figures are awesome too :) Love them.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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