Saturday, August 12, 2023

In My Mailbox #614

Ohh. This have been one exhausting week. We had so many days with sun and warmth. It was the best. But I'm so tired, haha. Finally a free day today, as there was no sun. Of course, I will miss the summer. But so glad that we actually had such a great summer this year with such lovely heat. Sigh. It's been so wonderful. Though my body does not agree. Ha. That also means it took me a whole week to read Night of the Witch. Ahh! But I finished it yesterday and got my review up today :) But now I need a break from reading, as I have so many movies I want to watch. So shall focus on that for days at least. Until I figure out what to read next :) I may have gotten a bunch of mail this week too, ahh. And so many pop figures will arrive next week. Oh. Help me. I could not resist. Also, ahh! New Taylor Swift re-recording is coming :D I am so excited for 1989 Taylor's Version. <3 It's going to be the best. I got the deluxe albums ordered to a friend in the US; cannot wait for early November. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Hurricane Wars :D And I shared my review of Night of the Witch. <3 Hope you are all doing well :) Have the best August. <3

A Crown of Ivy and Glass. Of course I had to have two regular hardcover copies as well, ha :D Love it. <3
Divine Rivals. At last have the US hardcover :D I think it's a first edition too? Looks like. I loved this one.
House of Roots and Ruin. Eee! I am so excited about this book :D Must re-read the first one, though. <3
Funko Europe. Oh. Well. More pop figures arrived, ha, as always :) No new mini. Love the Barbie ones :)
Poki-Heaven. Some of these pop figures came from a Norwegian store :) The Witcher ones. And Hook :) And Stitch, eee. Whom I love so much. Sigh. And that adorable small Pokemon trading card album. I love it. Oh, and Warrior Barley came from Amazon. Have wanted that exclusive for ages; finally bought him :D

More Instagram photos here. <3

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