Saturday, May 13, 2023

In My Mailbox #601

Gah. This have been one painful week. I got sick after my Paris trip last week. So been dealing with that. At last getting a little better :) But then the bump I have had under my arm for months started getting bad, turning into an abscess. Sigh. So that have been killing me for days. Oh. So much pain, as it's huuuge. I killed it yesterday, but it's not gone yet. Rude. Hoping to be better soon, as this pain sucks. So I have not had the energy to read yet at all. Or do much of anything. Aw. Took some photos today, though, which I'm happy with at least :) And I got a bunch of books this week, oops. <3 No pop figures. What even. But got a large order arriving next week. Ha. Wait. That is a lie. I did get a Funko Nordic pop figure gift pack this week, oops. <3 Forgot those. Must add a photo below too, haha :) Anyway. I'm not doing too good, but getting better, hopefully :) This week I'm waiting on The Unmaking of June Farrow :) And I shared about my Disneyland Paris 2023 trip, eee. <3 Hope you are doing well :) Have you read any great books lately?

The Sun and the Star. Oops. Thought one of these was the US version. Was not. Sigh. Reading one day.
The Isles of the Gods. Got my signed UK hardcover and US hardcover. <3 Going to read this one next :)
Lying in the Deep. I'm unsure if this one will be for me. But I'm giving it a try, as it do sound pretty great.
Gigantosaurus the Game. I could not resist buying this on sale, haha :) I so love dinosaurs. Looking cute.
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I'm excited to try playing this game very soon, eee :D Everyone is loving it.
Gengar Squishmallows. Oops. This one was on sale. I had to have it, haha :D So cute. Need Pikachu :)

Funko Nordic gift. Eeee! My latest ambassador gift. <3 Oh. So thankful. I love them all. Tiana the most :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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