Saturday, May 6, 2023

In My Mailbox #600

Eee! I turned 30 years old this week :D Whoo! All kinds of old now, haha :) And I spent my birthday at Disneyland Paris with my sister. <3 It was the best day and such a great trip. Fully exhausting, but so good. I will be sharing a blog post just about that, tomorrow sometime :) Will share a few photos then too. I'm still exhausted from my trip, arrived home late Thursday. Now sick too, so that's fun. Ha. Not. Hoping it won't get worse. Fingers crossed. Did get some lovely mail while I was gone. <3 Bought a few things in Paris too :) But not a lot.. had a long Disney wishlist. They did not have a single thing that I wanted. Uugh. Such a disappointment. They should have had at least one thing I wanted. Hmph. But no. Still. Got a few nice things :) But bought so very little, honestly. Aw. This week I'm waiting on The Night Hunt :D Hoping to find something new to read soon. When I feel better :) Fingers crossed. Hope you are all doing well. <3

The Isles of the Gods. First of my copies, ha :) UK edition. I'm planning on reading this beauty soon :)
Funko Europe. Oops. Two new orders arrived. Ahh. I so love the new The Little Mermaid pop figures :D Eee. I had to get them all. Cannot wait for the movie. And oh, the new Disney moments. Moana! Eee. My precious. I love it so much. And a few mystery minis; still missing one Mickey. Sigh. Love the Lilo one. <3

Disneyland Paris. Bought so little. Aw. But love what I got :) Had to get the lego figures, ha, as they are so cute. Only three plushes. Aw. But they are adorable. Got two pair of ears; love them. I so wish they had a bigger selection, though, as I wanted to get more. Hmm. A few small figures and things. Only one pop :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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