Saturday, July 30, 2022

In My Mailbox #560

Another week gone by. This summer have just flown by, it feels like. How rude. But I have been enjoying it so very much. <3 And this week I read a book! Eee! At last, ha :) After almost two whole months of not reading. Oops. But finally got a book read. Sadly a two star, but it was not that bad. And I know what I'm reading next, and that I'm starting it very soon. I'm excited. Hoping this means I might finally start reading again :) Fingers crossed for me. Yesterday was another hospital visit, a doctor appointment. It went okay. I'm exhausted, though. But doing okay. Health sucks, always, but I'm good. Especially since yesterday was also the day the cards I have been waiting for finally came back in stock, ahhh. And I got to order a bunch. <3 So, so happy :) Now I can be less stressed, haha. Well, once they arrive here, ha :D I have also been busy with playing my animal crossing new horizons. <3 But mostly busy with animal crossing pocket camp. Oops. I play all day, every day. As there are new things every third hour. Ah. I'm playing too much, ha. But loving it so, so much :) And busy with pokemon go too, of course. And my family. Feels like I'm always busy. But I'm good too. Got a bit of pretty mail this week. <3 And two new blog posts, finally, ha :) This week I'm waiting on Dust & Grim :D And I shared my review of The Dream Runners :) I hope you are all doing well and enjoying summer. <3 Feels like it has gone by way too fast. Almost autumn :)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Calendar. I had to get the new one too, ha :D But.. same photos. Rude.
Pop Figures. Pikachu :D Those I was missing. <3 SO cute. And got my non-damaged sitting one, ha :)
Tom Nook. Bought this adorable little animal crossing figure with my pop figures. And he is just so cute.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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