Saturday, July 16, 2022

In My Mailbox #558

Gosh. Another week is over. I have spent most of this week outside in the sun and heat, eee. <3 It's been so lovely. But gosh, I am hurting all over. It has been a bit too much for me and my hurting body. But have loved it too. Today was finally a cold day, haha, so I could relax a bit. Much needed. Sadly not been able to make myself read anything yet. Sigh. But soonish, I hope. Been busy re-watching all my favorite shark movies lately, haha :) I did not get a lot of mail this week, only a couple of pop figures. <3 But might be more next week. Oops. I'm a little sad these days, some issues with orders and such. It is driving me a little insane. Also not sure about my medicine, that I re-started three weeks ago. Works on my stomach, sure. But the rest of me is getting worse. Having trouble sleeping again. And I hate it. Gah. Hoping it will pass. This week I'm waiting on Royal Blood :D Hope you are all doing well and enjoying summer. <3

GIVEAWAY! Five funko pop figures. International. Ends July 27th. ENTER HERE.

Pop Figures. Eee. I could not resist buying these adorable Legally Blonde ones :D Elle is fully awesome.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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