Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Review: Kingsbane by Claire Legrand

Reading this book for the second time was all kinds of torture. It took me over three weeks to read, because of health issues. But gods, how I love this book. But even though I was slow to read it, I loved every moment of it. And oh. The pain. It was just as cruel this second time, haha. My heart is completely shattered. Sobs.

Yet I love these books the most. I have been meaning to re-read Furyborn and Kingsbane for so very long. As I have yet to read Lightbringer. But I have been too afraid to start. Because I know the final book will kill me. But I know I will love it too. I am just so very nervous. And now I'm finally ready for it. Well, I must be, ha.

There is so much that I love about these books and this world. I could probably write about them for ages. But I will not. Because my mind is ruined and my heart is once again shattered. I will try to write only a little in my review this time. I do not know where to begin. Furyborn was every kind of epic. And this sequel was just as much so. Though the pain was worse, ha. Much worse. And much worse to come and I am dreading it. Gosh. But the love I have for these books is too strong. Because I love them way too much, pain included. These characters are all precious to me. Very much. Even when they are all being horrible, haha. I just adore them. And it breaks my heart to read about how broken they all are and how much more broken they become. Shudders. This second book has the worst cliffhanger. Hmph. So rude.

Yet I still waited this long before I read these books again, so I can at last read the final one. Of course, I did peek a little when it came out, ha. And I know I will love it. But I know it will ruin me too. And I haven't felt ready for it. Well, I'm still not ready for it. Ha. But I'm doing it at last, even so. As this series means so much to me. Even with all the pain it gives my heart. These characters are all incredible. And this world that Claire has created is truly the best. Fully evil and heartbreaking and cruel. But truly perfect as well.

I do not know what to say about this second book. I do not feel like saying much at all right now. All my energy is gone. That ending killed me a second time. These books tells the stories of Rielle and Eliana. Mother and daughter. Set a thousand years apart. It is such a rich and complicated story. And it is so so amazing. It is full of twists and secrets and lies. There is romance. There is a little hope. Then it is fully crushed. Ha. Sobs. There is still so much to come. And I cannot wait to read it. Although still not ready.

Will first talk a little of Rielle. She has always been my favorite of them all. Though in this book she killed me again. Because she is so angry all the time, almost. So very destructive. It is heartbreaking to read about. And made me so angry with her too, ha. She lied to Audric way too much. And that came back to hurt her in the end. Though it hurt me even more. Hmph. And yet. Despite how angry Rielle made me, I still do love her the most. I still want the best ending for her. Sobs. She is so precious. So powerful too.

Okay, fine. Audric might have been my most favorite character, haha. He is the most precious of them all, to be honest. Always good and kind and full of light. He finally speaks up at the of this. And everything then goes wrong. But I am so proud of him even so, because it needed to be said, and it was not wrong either. But oh, the heartbreak. And I just want to protect this boy and keep him safe. He deserves all the love and all the best things. Him and Rielle together was perfection. So fierce and hot and steamy. Sigh.

I also still so love Ludivine too. Though she is such a mess at times, doing a little too much. And yet not enough either. Hmph. I do like her friendship with them all, though. And I very much liked Rielle's guard. She was awesome. And Atheria. So adorable. I still don't really like Tal, especially not after this book. And Corien. Uuuugh. He is the very worst angel. And he is creating every mess there is. And I am so nervous. I hate him and Rielle together. Yet it is there. And I fear what will happen in Lightbringer. Oh. Not ready.

Then there was Eliana. I still love her, though I did love her more in this second book, which is good, ha. And her little brother Remy is still so very adorable. Though I feel like he wasn't in this book all that much. Though it might just be because of how long it took me to read it. Harkan killed me in book one. And now he returned to kill me even more. Very rude. He did a bad thing. But not that bad. And what happened to him was so unfair and it is killing me. Sobs. Okay, it was written so very well, but my poor heart is broken.

I suppose I should talk about Simon too. I still don't know what to feel about him. I hate him and I sort of love him too. There were parts of him that were so precious. But also parts of him I did not like. And yet I do love reading about him and Eliana together. Sigh. And I can't really help but ship them too. Somewhat. Not really after that ending, ha. Though I feel like that ending is a trick, in a way. Though I still don't know for sure, as I did not peek at that, ha. Oh. And Navi. So precious. Then she was missing for ages. Rude.

What. I was not going to write much about Kingsbane this time at all. And I have already written way way too much. Oops. Turns out I could not stop once I started. And I still have more to say. But stopping now. So much happened in this book. So much is still to come. So many bad things happened. So much death and pain. And it all destroyed me. Kingsbane was still every kind of epic and incredible. It still ruined me forever. And I still love this series the most. Claire is truly the best author. You must read these already.

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