Saturday, May 21, 2022

In My Mailbox #550

Gosh. At last, I finished re-reading Kingsbane :D It only took me.. 23 days. Ahhh! But I spent very, very many of those days not reading. Sigh. I'm sad it took me so long, but I still managed to stay connected to everything, despite how long it took me to read. Oops. I'm reading a short story set in the world first, then I start Lightbringer. I'm not ready. Sobs. But I shall do it, ha :D Reading the short story tomorrow. Needed a few days of rest first, as reading it still not coming easy to me. Sigh. So rude. I love my books. I just do not want to read much at all. Hmph. Anyway. This has been a hard week, healthwise. My health suuucks. Huge abscess underneath my arm. It started as a bump that was there for months. It's now grown much bigger and much more painful. I hate it. It makes me wake up in pain so many times each night. Sigh. I just want it to go back in. Hmph. So I have at last gotten antibiotic pills from my doctor, hoping it will help. Fingers crossed. So yeah. I'm not doing so good, but also just doing my best. <3 Got no new books this week, but still got some mail, ha :D This week I'm waiting on Saint :) And shared my second review of Kingsbane. <3 Hope you are all doing better than me :) I hope my antibiotics will work to kill my bump. <3

Pop Figures. Eee. Mickey and Disney castle. So awesome. And baby Pegasus. So cute. And finally got the one that I wanted from the mystery pixar figures, eee. The cat and dog, ha :D And I so love the bird.
Maggie Stiefvater bookplate. Thank you so much Maggie for this sweet note and bookplate. <3 Love.
Pokemon swag. Another nintendo platinum points reward, ha. <3 I had some points to spend :) It's cute.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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