Saturday, May 14, 2022

In My Mailbox #549

Am I the slowest reader in all the world right now? Yes, yes I am. Aaaack. I think I have read more of Kingsbane only one time this week. What even. And only about sixty pages then. Siiigh. I just have no energy and no time, it feels like. I have had a cold for ages now, it feels like, ha. I'm finally starting to get better. Had so many health issues this past week. Things are getting better. But yeah. Have not gotten much done at all. Rude. But I'm okay. And catching up and reading when I'm well enough :) Though it makes me sad that it has now taken me weeks to re-read Kingsbane. Oops. I'm not forgetting anything, though, so that's good. <3 And I'm loving it so very much. Just, yeah. Need more energy. Anyway. I got a bunch of lovely mail this week, eee. All the Animal Crossing cards, yesss. <3 And precious books too :) And my pop figures, ha :) I have had a good week, despite having such a shitty body. Hmph. Behind on taking photos too. Hopefully tomorrow :) This week I'm waiting on Hell Bent :D Hope you are all well. <3

Bravely. Eee. I am SO excited for this one. <3 Got my personalized copy and my regular copy, haha :)
Book of Night. I don't know much about this at all. Suddenly saw it, so ordered it. I'm hoping to love it.
Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl. So excited for a middle grade book by Julie :D Looks great.
The Mystwick School of Musicraft. Of course I needed the paperback version too. <3 So loved this one.
The Imagination Chamber. I got my signed W edition last week, and regular this week, for reading :) Ha.
Pop Figures. New EMP exclusives :D I had to buy all these, eee. Diamond Squirtle! LOVE! All amazing.
Animal Crossing amiibo cards. YESSS. Thank you so much Megan for helping me get them. <3 LOVE.
Pokemon items. Eee. Some new nintendo store platinum point rewards, ha. I love them both. So cute :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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