Saturday, October 16, 2021

In My Mailbox #519

This week my blog turned 10 years old :D Eee! Happy birthday to me, haha. I love that I'm still blogging :) Despite not reading much this year, aw. I still blog twice every week, the usual. So I'm happy about that. And yeah. I did not read anything this week either. Sigh. Just trying to take it easy. My body and health just sucks right now. But I'm doing okay. And will make myself read very very shortly now. Hmph. What makes me so happy right now, though, is the new Animal Crossing New Horizons update news. Eeee. SO much awesome is coming shortly. My god. I cannot wait. It will be epic, haha. But will also make me even more busy. Gah. Still. SO excited. And I will read more too. Hopefully. Got a little bit of lovely mail this week. <3 It's sadly getting darker and darker. Shudders. And so goddamn cold. I haaate it. Hmph. But Christmas is closer, haha :) We have also gotten the seasons first snow. Rude. Not sticking to the ground yet, but soon, I suppose. Two new blog posts. I shared my Ten Years of Blogging + Giveaway post :D Eee. This week I'm waiting on In Every Generation. <3 I hope you are all doing well and staying safe :)

All These Bodies. EEE! My most precious personalized copy has arrived. <3 See my instagram for inside look. It is perfection. Thank you so much Kendare and BallastBooksCo :D I love it so very much. Sigh. <3
Dune. I already own a special edition of Dune, but I so loved the movie. So needed this tie-in. So pretty.
Nintendo Switch OLED. Help. I couldn't help but buy this new edition. Ahh. My old one was from 2017. So I felt like I needed an upgrade, haha :) It is SO pretty. And I got my old one sold too, so happy about that.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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