Saturday, October 20, 2018

In My Mailbox #363

How is it already Saturday again? What. Time is moving way too fast. And I am still getting too little done. Ugh. Have a better feeling about the coming days, so I think I will finally be getting things done :D Fingers crossed. I did not read this past week. Well, I read half of Coraline yesterday, and the last half today. That book was so short, so I'm not sure that fully counts, haha. I just don't know what I wish to read right now. Hmm. Also got some stunning mail this week :D Which I love a whole bunch. A few blog posts this week. I shared about the cover for Shadow & Flame :D This week I'm waiting on White Stag. <3 I'm also sharing my Coraline review today, but not done writing it just yet. Would mean the most to me if you have time to comment. <3 I know, I'm so so far behind myself. But I will catch up. To all the posts I have missed these past months. I'm still having the worst health, but I'm doing okay :) Slowly starting to catch up and such. Still waiting for my laptop to come back from service. Most likely two more weeks. Gah. I may die. Haha.

Percy Jackson. Ohhh. Such a gorgeous huge illustrated edition :D I must re-read all of these books soon.
Sawkill Girls + Two Dark Reigns. Eee! Personalized copies from Blue Willow :D More on insta. Love. <3
Hotel Transylvania 3. Yesss. I finally finally get to watch this one shortly :D Waited forever and ever for it.
Dæmon Voices. I had the UK version of this, but had to have the US one too. Ack. Looks awesome :D
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Eee, the international paperback :D It is so stunning. Love.
Into the Bright Unknown. US paperback :D My collection is complete. <3 Must read this third book soon.
Seeker. Finally managed to buy this paperback too :D Collection complete. <3 Haven't read it yet, aack.
Orgo Runners. Huge thank you to the author, R. J. for sending me this amazing book and plush :D Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Hey girl!

    I, on the other hand, have been reading a lot but not much blogging to speak of. Lol. The way it goes, I guess.

    Lovely haul, hun!

  2. The Lightning thief illustrated edition looks so good. I need to have it in my Collection soon. Great haul :-)


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