Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Review: Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

This second read was all kinds of amazing. I didn't realize that I had forgotten so much about this book. How rude. So reading it again was so much fun. And was so exciting and heartbreaking too. I love this world that Rachel has created so much. Amazing characters and such a stunning story. Not sure I can describe it.

Shadow Scale is long and takes some time to read. And it was worth every page. I love this book so much and I enjoyed every moment of it. The writing is gorgeous. And even though the book was long, I wanted it to be even longer. As I am so much in love with these characters and so I do not want to let any of them go.

Which means that I am beyond excited about reading Tess of the Road next. Yesss. Different main character, but hoping there will be peeks at the older characters too. Fingers crossed. But even without that, I cannot wait to get to know and love Tess. I am so excited. But anyway. More about Shadow Scale. I guess some people would find it a little boring, as there is not much action in this book. And there is a whole lot of travelling. But it was never boring. Not even for a second. At least not to me. I loved reading about Seraphina, and all that she goes through. I just love this young half dragon so very much. She's fierce and gentle and loving and just all kinds of amazing. She's amazing at music, and that's a big part of both these books. Loved that so much.

This book starts three months after the end of Seraphina. The war with the dragons have started, and things aren't really going all that well. I'm not going to talk much about plot things and such. Just going to mention all the things I loved about this book. Which were a whole lot of things. I read the ARC version of this book the first time I read it, and I do not remember the small summary posted in the beginning of the book. And oh gosh, it was all kinds of amazing. Especially that last part of it. I loved it a lot. I want more.

But anyway. There is so much I wish to share about this book, yet I'm not going to share too much about it. So much happens. So much heartbreak. Yet a bunch of fun and exciting things too. The story in this book is about Seraphina leaving her home, and leaving behind Glisselda and Kiggs, to go search for the other half dragons that she knows about because of the garden in her mind. Which I won't describe at all. Just know that it was all kinds of exciting and interesting and horrible to read about, and I enjoyed it tons.

And so Seraphina and Abdo goes looking for all these characters. There is a whole lot of travelling. And I loved every moment of it. Because it was interesting and fun at times too. I just love Seraphina so much. There is a lot to learn about her in this book. Like her past with this very awful woman. It was so good to read about. Yet so heartbreaking too. And then there was Abdo. I love this little boy beyond words. He has the biggest heart. And he is simply incredible. I loved reading about him so much. Also, heartbreak.

Parts of this book is also about the war between the humans and the dragons. A lot of things happen with that too. And I really liked everything about it. I grew to enjoy reading about the dragon leader, though he was very weird at times. And I very much disliked that final scene with him, what he and another dragon had done. I did not approve. At all. Hmph. But anyway. There is a lot of dragons in this book. And I very much loved that. They were interesting to read about, and I loved learning many new things about them.

There is so much new to learn about Seraphina too. She gets to know herself a whole lot more too. And I loved that. She has grown so much since the beginning of book one. Must also mention that the romance in this book is almost not there. Seraphina and Kiggs are apart for almost all the book. But I did not mind too much, because they still very much love each other. And no triangles. But it is complicated, very much so. Yet I did not mind that either, because there was no drama. None. I simply ship them the very most.

I loved getting to know all the new characters in this book. There is a whole lot of new half dragons, half humans, like Seraphina. I'm still a bit sad that they cannot transform into a real dragon, lol. But they are all still amazing. I loved reading about them all so much. Some were kind and lovely, others were rude and mean. Yet they were all awesome. I loved how Seraphina went looking for all of them. Every single character in this book were simply amazing. Especially Seraphina and Kiggs and Glisselda and Abdo.

So much happens in this book. I can't begin to describe all of it. Just know that every page was exciting and I loved every moment in this book so much. I only wish that ending had been a bit longer. Ack. And that there would be tons more books about Seraphina. Aw. I don't want to stop reading about her and her life. And oh gosh. I need to mention Orma a little bit. Her dragon uncle. I loved this man so very much. He was always fun to read about. Things happen with him in this book, and my heart is broken because of it.

And that is all I'm going to say about that. Shadow Scale was such a stunning second and final book. Full of adventure and interesting moments. I really loved learning so much about all of these characters and this world and these dragons. I'm so thrilled with how much I loved these two books. Eee. And I cannot wait to read more books by Rachel. I hope she will continue to write. If you still haven't read Seraphina and Shadow Scale, then you really need to get starting. They are such incredible and awesome books.

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