Saturday, December 23, 2017

Review: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

This is my second time reading this lovely book. It's been a little over a year since I first read it, and I have been dying to read the sequel ever since. But I knew I would have to read this one once again first. And I'm thrilled that I did that. Because this book is all kinds of fun and awesome and I liked it a whole lot this time too.

It's still a four star for me, but only because I felt like a few things could have been done a little bit better. Will explain that shortly. There wasn't anything about this book that I hated. Though I do wish it had been longer. As I want so so much more about these very awesome characters. Getting to know them was amazing.

Daughter of the Pirate King is told from the point of view of the awesome Alosa. She is such a fierce person and I adored her beyond words. She's a pirate, and she is a very good one. This book begins with her getting herself taken prisoner by another pirate ship. She planned for them to take her, so that she could search this ship for an important map. Though she planned her capture, there is so much not going the way she expected it to. And I loved that so much. This book is all kinds of fun. A bit heartbreaking too, but not too much. Some death. Some fighting. Some kissing. I enjoyed the kissing scenes the very most. Sigh. But anyway. Alosa was such an amazing girl to get to know. She's all kinds of strong and brave. And the best at everything.

I do not think I'm going to write too much about this book this time. Just a little bit about why I love it so. First, the writing is all kinds of amazing. I had no trouble getting excited about this book and wanting to read more about it. Second, the characters were all kinds of perfect. The main ones are Alosa and Riden. And I adore these two the very most. Though there are other ones that were awesome to read about too. Some were all kinds of horrible. And other pirates were kind and lots of fun. They were all written so well.

The story in this book is about Alosa being captive on this pirate ship. She's being questioned by the very young first mate, Riden. He's the brother of the ship's captain, whom is also pretty young. And oh, how I enjoyed this story. The book moves fast and I loved that. There is a lot happening, even though most of the book takes place on a ship. Alosa is a captive for most of the time, but she's the best at escaping her cell. Her and Riden gets so close, they have the most lovely banter. I enjoyed every moment they had.

There is so much happening in this book. I'm not going to talk about it much more, simply because you need to read this book for yourself. Also because while a lot happens, it's also a pretty short book. Still so good, though. Such lovely writing and such an awesome story about pirates and a little bit of fantasy too. Alosa is keeping a secret, and this secret was simply incredible. I loved it so. And hoping there will be lots more of it in book two. Cannot wait. Also, the romance was so cute. Must have more of Alosa and Riden.

I would say that the reason for why I'm giving this book four stars instead of five is because of the small scenes of jealousy in the book. They weren't wrong, not really. And they weren't that bad. Not really. And there is no chance of a triangle happening at all. But it did hurt my heart a little bit, even so, to read about Riden being jealous, and reading about something that Alosa had to do. It wasn't bit at all. But it was still big enough for me. But even so. I still loved this book. Just didn't love every scene as much as I wanted.

If you still haven't read this book, then you really must read it now. It's such a stunning story and it is all kinds of fun too. The romance is so good, and I cannot wait to read more about it. The characters are the very best. I adore Alosa and Riden so much. Hoping I will love them even more in the final book. Eee. I'm excited to start it next, finally. Daughter of the Pirate King is such an awesome book. And I am thrilled to say that I enjoyed so much both times that I read it. Do let me know what you thought of this lovely book.

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  1. Oh bummer, that you loved this one so much and then have the next one turn out so horrible. :(


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