Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review: The Journey to Dragon Island by Claire Fayers

Been around ten months since I read the first book in this series. I enjoyed it a lot, and wanted a sequel so badly. And now I finally got to read this second book. And oh, it was all kinds of exciting and fun. I was a bit nervous at first, worried I had forgotten too much, that I wouldn't connect. But I had no need at all to worry.

Because it didn't take me too long to be fully in this world again, and back to adoring the characters. I liked this sequel more than I liked the first, and I'm giving this one four stars. Wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it a whole bunch, and there wasn't anything about it that I disliked. Just crossing all my fingers there is a new book.

As I'm going to need much more about these characters and this world. This story isn't done yet. Still much more that can happen, and I want to read about it so badly. This book do remind me a lot of other middle grade pirate books that I have read, but it's a lot different too, and I enjoyed them all, for different reasons. I'm so glad that I read this sequel. Because there are dragons. And dinosaurs and creatures. And pirates and magicians. There is magic and gorgeous friendships. I enjoyed reading about the pirate ship and all the crew members. Had issues with Cassie at times, but I like reading about her even so. She's a pretty fierce captain. And oh, I just enjoy this world a lot. But yeah, this book was a bit too short, to be honest. I wish it had been longer.

This book tells the story of Brine, Peter and Tom. It's mostly the story of Brine, who's the most awesome twelve year old girl. I adore reading about her so much. She's kind and amazing and I do wish I could get to know her a bit more. Feel like the books are a bit too short to fully get to know all the characters. But I do adore Brine. And I love that she's always trying to make up plans for everything. I love her friendship with Peter and everyone else. I liked that she didn't dislike Stella at all; but they instead became friends.

I also feel like Peter is the biggest part of this book, and I love that so much. He is the most amazing character and I just love reading about him. Peter can do magic. But he hasn't done any for weeks now, after the end of book one, because things did not go well the last time he used magic. Aw. He's feeling a bit broken about things, which I loved too, and yeah. I loved getting to know him more and I need even more of him. And eee, I loved that the dragon adored him the most, hih. It was simply the cutest thing.

I can't help it; I ship Brine and Peter like crazy. I was worried in book one that it wouldn't happen one day, but in this book, I'm now more sure that it will happen one day. Eee. I just hope there will be more hints in book three, if there is a book three. Because I need this to happen. They are amazing friends, and would be even more amazing as more. Anyway. There is also Tom, whom I also adore. Loved his story in book one, and he's still amazing in this one. He's smart and kind and and awesome friend. I did like him a lot.

There are a bunch of other characters in this book too. Not going to talk about those, just that I enjoyed reading about them all. I love Peter the most, then Brine, but I also cared for all the other people as well. I loved the magic in this book. I love how spells are done, and what can be done with the magic. I love that Peter is the only one of them who can do magic, because that makes him special, and I'm so very happy about that. Though I don't like that they are all always expecting him to fix everything. Sigh. Not very kind.

So much happens in this book. And I'm not going to talk much about it, or write much more about this book, but yeah, I enjoyed the plot a whole bunch. Most of this story takes place on a island. Where there is supposed to be dragons. And oh, it's really exciting to read about. There are bad people, and some kind ones, and a pretty dark plot too. A bit horrible, so much awesome. There are dragons. Eee. And there are other creepy creatures as well. And I so loved reading about all of them. Especially dragons.

If you haven't yet started this series, then you must. Both books are adorable and fun and you really should give them a try. Thank you so much to the publisher for giving me an eARC of this book to read. Though I ended up waiting for my hardcover to arrive, and read that one, ack. But either way, so glad to have been able to read this. The Journey to Dragon Island was such a fantastic book. Full of adventure and magic and the most awesome characters. I'm so glad that I read it, and so glad that I enjoyed it lots.

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  1. Yay! So glad you loved this one. I hope you'll get to read the other books soon. I hate waiting!


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