Saturday, May 27, 2017

In My Mailbox #290

This post is going to be huuuge. I have spent way too much money lately, lol. On trading. And buying. And this week just about everything arrived. Oh gosh. So so many ARCs that I traded for. <3 Eee! And also regular pre-orders. And then 40+ books that I bought because there was a sale on a Norwegian book site, and so I could buy tons of the books that I hadn't pre-ordered before, lol. And I bought so so much. Ahh. All my money gone. How rude. But worth it. Except no room. Ahh. But still. WORTH IT. SO much stunning in the mail this week :D Eeee. I'm in love with all of it. <3 So so much. This week I blogged a bit, and read two books. Sadly, both were three stars. Aw. I need a book that I will love like crazy next. Hmm. Anyway. I shared the cover for Renegades. <3 And shared my review of Retribution Rails :D This week I'm waiting on The Becoming of Noah Shaw. <3 Then I shared my review of Shadow Weaver :) I have had a pretty good week. If I'm able to stop thinking about people getting Godsgrave, and me not getting it, ugh. My jealousy is huge. Aw. But I'm dealing with it, lol :) Also feeling a bit sad, as I had hoped my wound would be healed by this weekend. But it isn't. Sniffs. But aaalmost. Just days left, I think :D And I am so excited. Soon I will get to bath in my bathtub again. And almost time to take up the spa bath too, and oh god. I'm so happy about it all. And to be able to wear pants again in my home, haha. Been waiting so long for this stupid wound to heal. Ugh. But yeah, I still had a pretty good week :D So, yay.

Six of Crows + Menagerie + Jane, Unlimited + Nemesis + The Girl With All the Gifts + Wink, Poppy, Midnight. Eee! Thank you so much Krys for trading all of these with me :D I am so so happy. Sniffs.
Across the Universe. YAY! Thank you so much Claire for trading with me :D I love it so so much. Eee.
Flashfall + Hunted. Oh god. Wanted these so so badly. Thank you the most Bridget :D Eee. SO happy.
The Crooked Sixpence. I enjoyed my ARC of this one a whole lot, and really wanted the hardcover too :D
The Gauntlet. I now own all three books, yet have not read book one yet. Ahh. But soon, I hope :D Pretty.
Here We Are. I must admit. I bought this for Courtney Summers. Ahh. But hoping it's an amazing book :)
Frozen. I couldn't resist finally getting this pop-up book :D Eee. I love pop-up. And this is so so gorgeous.
The Art of Trolls. Ahh, such a stunning book. And this movie was all kinds of adorable. I had to own this.
Tolkien's World. I couldn't help but buy this coloring book. I must get to read the books one day too :D
Lord of Shadows. Eee! One of my copies arrived today :D It is huge and gorgeous and I'm so so excited.
Lady Midnight + Cinder + Scarlet + Cress + Fairest. Eee. Precious stunning audio books. I love them so.
Pop. I adore the Beast. Gorgeous. And Jessica and Luke :D Love. And eee, new Tony Stark. Love him.

Windwitch. I know, I haven't read book one yet.. but everyone loves these books, so I had to own both.
The Darkest Magic. I was missing this one :D But haven't read book one yet.. ahh. But soon, I hope.
The Book Thief. I wanted this special edition a whole bunch. It's huge and it looks so gorgeous. Love.
Three Dark Crowns. German edition :D Eee. Isn't it just gorgeous? Love this cover so, so much. Perfect.
Champion. I did love this series a lot. And the graphic novels are just perfection. So gorgeous. Love this.
Slasher Girls & Monster Boys. Still haven't read it. Ahh. But my collection needed the paperback too, lol.
The School for Good and Evil. I love this series to pieces. But only had one hardcover of book one. Rude.
Eleanor & Park. I hadn't yet gotten this new special edition. And it's stunning. Loved this book a whole lot.
A Night Divided. This book looks all kinds of awesome and I couldn't help but buy it. Hope I'll love it lots.
Pip Bartlett. Haven't read it yet, ahh. But was missing these two gorgeous editions of it, hih. So so pretty.
Vicious. I was missing the paperback of this awesome book, and so I had to get it. I did like this a lot.
The Adventures of the New Cut Gang. I saw this. And I had to buy it. I love Philip. Hope I'll love this too.
Out of the Easy. I have wanted this book for a while now. I really, really hope that I will love it a lot. Ahh.
United. I was missing one more hardcover to complete my collection :D Eee. Must read it soon, though.
Iron Hearted Violet + The Mostly True Story of Jack. Adore this author; haven't read her earlier books yet.
Rebel of the Sands. Gosh, this collection of mine is just growing and growing. Ugh. But so so gorgeous.
York: The Shadow Cipher. I liked my ARC so so much, and I had to own the hardcover too. Gorgeous.
The Hunt. Yeah, I haven't read book one, but now I have all three, lol. I hope to love them all, though.
Crooked Kingdom. The new, smaller, UK paperback edition :D Yay. It's gorgeous. Love this book so.
Some Kind of Happiness. Eee! Paperback edition is out :D It's perfect. Loved this book the very most.
Ravenous. A bit behind on buying this stunning paperback, eee. Adored the book a lot. And so pretty.

Lord of the Rings + Harry Potter + Trolls. Eee, new perfect coloring books :D I love them all so much.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Was missing this stunning art book :D It's so so gorgeous.
Moana + Trolls. A couple more of these stunning books too. Eee. Love both movies so very much.
Supernatural. Eee. I'm so, so thrilled with this gorgeous poster collection. Sigh. They are all stunning.
Zootopia + Dragons. These are just gorgeous. Was missing many dragons books, lol. They are so cute.

Swag. Ahh! Thank you so much Erica :D Dying. It's all gorgeous and perfect and sniffs. Love it so much.

Odd & True. I'm waiting for a print ARC too, eee, but might read it before that :D So so excited for this.
Shadow Weaver. Eee! Thank you so much to the publisher for this :D Read it already; liked it a lot. <3

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  1. Uh oh. Kitty might be crowded out by all of those books. LOL You weren't kidding about huge. And it looks like we enjoy many of the same authors. Happy reading and have a great weekend.

    My Sunday Post

  2. Ruh-roh. Good God, girl! This is a massive haul! Oh, well. I know you'll enjoy these. :D

    I see Jane, Unlimited! Lucky.

  3. PHEW! I'm fanning myself right now, so much awesome in this post. Both of our purple Jane arcs arrived! I need to take updated pictures of my Cashore ARC collection soon. And actually read the book, of course. :D I need to read United too. O_O You got some great swag!

    Have a fabulous week, Carina. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Wow it feels like I haven't had an epic book mail like you have never! Your post is definitely making me want to go on a book buying splurge and maybe try and read all the books too! I hope you enjoy them all!

  5. Holy cow, woman, that is an enormous haul LOL. I hope you enjoy every single thing there! Glad to hear you're getting an ARC of Odd & True---I know you're just as big a fan of Cat Winters as I am! :D


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