Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Review: The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber

I'm unsure about how to write down my thoughts for this book. I liked the writing and the plot a lot. But I had many issues with the characters. And that made me dislike the book a bit. And so I'm giving this one three stars. I wish I had loved it more. But I could not get past some things that happened. Oh, well. I liked it a bit.

I enjoyed the writing in this book a lot. I had no issues with that, which I am happy about. The beginning was a bit hard to read through, though, as I had trouble focusing on what happened, lol. But then I got past that, and started to enjoy the story a lot. This book takes place far in the future, very different from our world.

I wish there had been a bit more focus on the world, as I was curious about everything about it. Eleven years before a new planet arrived next to theirs. And there were aliens. Which was pretty interesting to read about, and so so many details. Not going to talk about all of that, but it was a bit exciting to read about. I was very curious about those people. This book starts with a game. And Sofi's younger brother, Shilo, is playing in this game. I'm not sure how to describe it, so I'm not going to. There is a lot of focus on this game, as it is pretty big in this world. A bit reality, a lot of computer things. It's all about winning, with the others getting eliminated, except they don't die, which was good. It was interesting to read about, but didn't love it. Aw.

I liked the mystery of this book. There is a big explosion. A lot of gamers and others die. Sofi almost dies. And her brother is believed to be dead too. But Sofi doesn't think that he's dead. And I did like trying to figure out what happened, who planted the bomb, and why. Why they want Sofi dead still. I really liked reading about this other planet, these aliens. I wanted to know more about them. I did like a lot of the plot in this book. But sadly, because of other things, I didn't love this book. Aw. But yeah, plot was interesting.

But then there was the characters. This book tells the story of Sofi and Miguel. And oh, I wish I could say that I loved them both tons. But I didn't. I know that I could have loved them. I could have loved them so much. But the more details about their past that came up, the more and more I disliked them. I'm not sure how to describe these characters, sadly. And so there will be spoilers. Because I need to mention why I didn't like them. I guess that lots of others will love them, but I did not. I simply could not like them at all.

Sofi is seventeen years old, and Miguel is nineteen. He is the playboy of earth. Always flirting, always knowing things. That bothered me. He looked gorgeous, I think. But I didn't feel anything for him at all. Didn't get to know him well at all. Sofi is kind of a hacker. She spends her days taking care of her brother. Still don't really know much about her personally, to be honest. Both these characters could have been interesting to read about. If not for the fact that they dated for a short while, eighteen months ago. Ack.

And that ruined the story for me. Because there is drama all the time. There is no romance in this book. There is talk about how they almost loved each other back then. But there are no flashbacks. There are no reasons for why they started dating. Didn't get why they liked each other at all. But then they break up, because of Miguel. Which we later learn is for a really stupid reason. Ugh. Not for me. After they broke up, they didn't sleep together, Miguel stopped sleeping around. And Sofi started sleeping with everyone.

And I hated that beyond words. I didn't like that Miguel was supposed to be a playboy, who slept around with everyone before. But then he stopped. And Sofi started sleeping with so many boys. I didn't like that at all. She didn't have boyfriends, just boys she slept with. Sigh. I guess that works for some people, but it doesn't work for me. And that just about ruined the whole story for me. Especially considering there isn't any romance in this book. Hints of one to come, but none in this. Nothing to swoon about. Disappointing.

There is a lot of things happening in this book. And I liked the plot, and some stuff that happened. Just, yeah. The characters ruined it a bit for me. But there was one character that I really loved, though. The bodyguard, sort of, of Miguel. He was awesome to read about. Anyway. This book wasn't perfect. But I didn't hate all of it, lol. A lot was good. Just wish all of it had been good. I do think that lots of others will love it, though. Some of those things just were not for me. I hate relationship drama. Not for me. Sigh.

I am glad that I read this book. I just wish that I had loved it more. Oh, well. It was impossible for me to truly like these characters. Wish they had been a bit different. But I did like the plot. And I did like the writing a lot. And I am curious to know what happens next. Will most likely read book two. Hoping it will be awesome. Huge thank you to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for accepting my Netgalley request to read this book early. Glad I had the chance to read it. And yeah, I will be getting the stunning hardcover.


  1. It's super hard to love a book when you don't particularly like the characters. Sorry to hear you didn't love it more. Great review, Carina! :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear you loved the writing and plot! I love Mary's writing as well, she is amazing. A little worried, because I know characters can make or break a story, but I have loved books in the past where I had issues with the characters so I'm still very excited to read this one! ;D Fantastic review, as always, Carina!


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