Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Thickety: The Whispering Trees by J. A. White

Oh, how I love these books. I just finished reading this book for the third time. This sequel is so amazing. And I love every moment of it. Eee. Like in the first book, the writing is gorgeous. I simply have no issues with it at all. Which is awesome. And I just love this story the most. Reading about Kara is the best. She's amazing. And I love reading about what she's doing. This second book wasn't as dark as book one, yet still pretty dark. I loved it. And oh gosh, that ending. I had forgotten how shocking and mean it is. Hmph.

I'm not going to talk much about this stunning second book. Because I have already reviewed it twice before, hih, and because it is hard to find the words for a book that I love so much. Which I did with this one. The Whispering Trees is simply such an amazing book. It is full of adventure and heartbreak and evil things. The villain in these first two books have been amazing. So dark. So evil. And so interesting to read about. This second book was all kinds of exciting. Loved book one a bit more, but oh, I loved this one too.

I loved reading about Kara again. She is still the best girl. I love how she protects her brother so much. I love how kind she is; when she needs to be. I just loved getting to know her more. In this book she learns more about her magic. About the things that she can do. There is a lot of practicing. And it was all kinds of fun to read about. Yet also really sad, because there was a sacrifice each time, and gah. It still breaks my heart to read about. Especially with the ending of this book. Gosh. I cannot wait to re-read book three.

I'm just the most excited to read the final book in this stunning series. I just wish there were more than four books. Aw. I would never tire of reading about this world. About Kara. This book takes place right after the ending of book one. Which means that for the most part the book is only about Kara and Taff, as they left everyone else behind. I am still sad that there was no Lucas in this book, lol. But there didn't need to be. Aw. It was amazing even without him, haha. There is just so so much happening all the time.

And a bunch of new characters to read about too. I think that I grow to love Mary more for each time I read this book. Sure, she had done some awful things, but she was so kind and awesome now. For the most part. She was just such an interesting person and I really liked reading about her. Then there was Safi. I'm still unsure about this girl. Hmph. I didn't fully like her. But she was sort of cute, even so. There were a few other characters too, but not mentioning them. There is a new awful villain as well. Shudders.

There is just so much happening in this book. So many new creatures. And I loved reading about them all. The notsuns were horrifying. I loved it. Imogen was all kinds of awful. Yet so amazing to read about. I just loved reading this book for the third time. I shall never not love it. And it is still just as amazing as the first time I read it. Which makes me so happy. Sigh. As always, if you still haven't read these stunning middle grade books, then get moving. Because they are so worth reading. They are amazing. So good.

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