Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: The Thickety: The Last Spell by J. A. White

I'm feeling a bit sad that this was the final book in this amazing series. Because this world is amazing. And I adore the characters so much. And oh, how I want more more more. I'm thrilled to have read this fourth book early. And I loved it oh so much. Eee. It is so beyond amazing.

I'm trying to find words to describe how much I loved this final book. So far words are failing me. Because I simply loved this book so much. It was everything I wanted from a final book. Yes, it is beyond heartbreaking at times, and the ending broke me a little, but it was so perfect. Loved.

As always, the writing is beyond gorgeous. And I so adore this author. Jerry is awesome. And gosh, I simply cannot wait to read more books by him. I am just crossing all my fingers that there might be more books from this world, lol. There doesn't need to be anything else after this ending, but I want more. So much. So yes. I'm hoping for that. But either way, I would read anything that Jerry writes and I'm so excited for his upcoming books. Anyway. The Last Spell was all kinds of amazing. There is so much happening in this book. So many revelations. And I loved reading all of those. I loved how everything in this series fit together. So good. I love how all the books are from Kara's point of view. She is the best.

Like the previous books, there is a journey in this one. And it is all kinds of exciting. I loved how much happens in this book. I love all the places they see, and the new characters they meet too. I loved the hunt for the first grimoire. So interesting and exciting and dangerous and just so awesome. I loved every moment in this book. Even that heartbreaking part at the ending. Hmph. And near the ending too. And gosh. This book was actually all kinds of sad. Sobs. But stunning too. And full of hope as well. Loved it.

There is more of everything in this book. More heartbreak. More romance. More amazing friendships. More witches. And all of it was so amazing. I'm not sure how else to describe it. I loved every moment of this book. And oh, the characters. Kara is still the most amazing girl. I love how she has grown since book one. How much better she understands the world now and everyone in it. She is just the cutest and most protective one. I love how she wants to keep everyone safe. How she cares for everyone. It's amazing.

I simply adore Kara. And her brother Taff is still all kinds of awesome too. He is so cute and still so smart and I love how this is his and Kara's story. It has been about them working to get their father back. Their life back. I have adored reading about their journey to do all that. I was a bit heartbroken that a whole year had passed at the end of book three, when only a week had gone by for Kara and Taff. It was so sad. Ahh. But it had to happen. And I'm also sort of glad it did too. It moved the plot so fast ahead. Ack.

There is also more of Lucas in this book. Sigh. And oh, how I adore this boy. He is still the most amazing. And I love reading about him the most. Him and Kara together is the best. Eee. A small romance in this book. It was everything I wanted it to be. Okay, I wanted a bit more, but it was so perfect even so. There is also more of Grace in this book. I'm unsure what I think of her. I think I grew to love her a bit. But her ending was a bit bittersweet, but I think I'm okay with it. Maybe. I'm a bit sad about it, tbh. I did like Grace.

There are a whole bunch of creatures in this book. And I loved that the most. Reading about different animals is always fun. And I love how Kara is able to talk to most of them. Eee. So exciting. My favorite was the cutie that she got from the Well of Witches. She was awesome. Sniffs. But yeah. I loved reading about all the creatures. They were all so interesting. Also a bunch of people too, that I enjoyed reading about. I do adore Safi and Bethany. Mostly. They are pretty interesting. Just, yeah. So much amazing.

Then there is the villain. Gah. This woman was all kinds of awful and wrong. And I couldn't help but love reading about her even so. Though I did want her dead at all times. Hmph. She did a whole bunch of bad stuff. But yeah. I loved reading about how Kara was trying to defeat her. There is a big battle in this book. And it was pretty amazing. I loved reading it. Just, ack. This book was so good. The villain was awful. The main characters were the best. This book had it all. And I'm so thrilled with it. Eee. Such a perfect story.

I'm unable to say more about this book. I just have no more words. This was such a stunning finale book. The ending was exciting and evil and I loved every moment of it. Oh. The memory things destroyed me, though, and I'm not sure I will get over it. Hmph. But it was so perfect too. And ahh. I loved it all. The Thickety: The Last Spell was everything I wanted it to be. The perfect final book to an amazing middle grade series. I have loved reading these books the most. You must all read them too. Right away. Now.

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  1. I can't believe I haven't heard of this series. I'll have to check it out with my daughter. All the animals is sure to be a hit with her. Thanks!


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