Friday, October 14, 2016

Review: Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin

Gosh, I'm unsure about this book. It looks so gorgeous. And I was pretty excited about reading it when I got it in the mail. But then I read a review saying the boy wasn't good, that he was bad towards the girl and such, and so I was worried about that. Then I read it. And it was the opposite. I had so many issues with this.

I'm unsure where to begin. My review will not be very positive at all. Because I really did not like this book. I'm giving it two stars, though. But yeah. The first two hundred pages were awful. They shouldn't even have been in the book. Sigh. So boring. So awful. But the last half of the book was pretty interesting, to be honest.

Sadly, I did not like the writing at all. It felt really messy. And I just did not connect to anything. It wasn't very nice. Sigh. In a way, this book is told from the point of view of Nell. I wish I could say that I loved this girl. Because she was everything I would have loved, if only she had been nice. Hmph. But she was not. She was a horrible person. She treated her best friend, Ruby, pretty awful. She got concerned mail from her grandma all the time, yet she never replied to her. And she treated the boy the very worst. I just did not like this girl at all. Nell was not a good person. I didn't like the way she thought. She argued with her friends, then she thought that once she made something amazing, they would come back begging for forgiveness. Yuck. It was so bad.

But this girl was also everything I would have loved. Which makes me so sad. She doesn't have a heart; she has a ticking clock inside her chest. She is lonely all the time, and she doesn't like people to touch her. She just wants to be loved. And I love that more than anything. I could have loved this girl so much. But her personality was seriously the very worst thing. She was so horrible. The whole not wanting to be touched thing. She never said it to anyone. Instead she had these nasty thoughts about everyone. Ugh.

I'm not sure what I wish to say about this book. I thought the world was all kinds of interesting. It wasn't focused on that much. I would have loved to read about the world this book took place in. It is supposed to be one hundred years since the world sort of ended, technology being blamed for it. A lot of people got hurt, and now those who live each have something on their body missing. Nell is the daughter of Julian, who created the first fake body parts that now everyone are using. It was sort of interesting to read about.

This book was supposed to be about Nell building a boy to spend time with. A boy made with a computer, which is illegal in her world at the moment. But hah. It took half the book before she started building him. And that first half was all kinds of boring and bad writing and I just couldn't stand reading the beginning. It took forever. And I wanted to quit so many times. Sigh. But then the next half begin. And I couldn't stop reading. It was exciting and I wanted to know what would happen next. I liked it. It was pretty interesting.

But that does not mean that I loved this book. Because I did not. I liked the second half a bunch. But I still had so many issues with it. Sigh. What I did love in this was the boy Nell created. Io. He was all kinds of adorable and I loved reading about him. What I loved the most, though, was the human boy,  Oliver. That romance could have been the most amazing thing. Truly. But it was not. Nell hated him. Since she was twelve. And for no reason. She just hated him all the time. I could not stand it. Nell was a bad person.

I suppose Oliver was supposed to seem pushy, wanting to be with her, wanting to marry her, do business with her, and so on. But he was not that bad. He never tried to kiss her. He didn't abuse her. He did not truly push her in any way either. Yet she treated him like crap. Nell was awful towards this boy. And I grew to hate her so much for it. Oliver was sweet. And I loved her so much. And she felt nothing but hate for him. For no reason. It bothered me beyond words. It could have been such an amazing romance. Sigh.

So yeah. I was pretty disappointed in this book. And I don't know what else to say about it. I felt like it could have been so good. If it had focused more on the world. More on Io. Or if it had only been a book about romance. Because Nell really needed romance in her life. And Oliver was truly perfect for her. He was amazing. But that never happened. She was so cruel towards him. She used him so many times. It was rude and awful and I did not like this girl one bit. Ugh. Just. Yeah. I'm just so disappointed in this one.

Sadly, this book wasn't very good at all. And I'm thrilled that I did not buy a hardcover of this one. Sigh. Though I will be keeping my gorgeous ARC of it, because it is so pretty, and I did enjoy parts of this book. I just would not read it again. Ugh. I do want a sequel, though, because there is still so much that needs to be told about this story. It ended way too fast. Not good. Sigh. Anyway. Thank you the very most to HarperCollins International for sending me this gorgeous ARC to review. <3 I'm sorry I didn't like it, lol.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to see this one was such a disappointment because it really does look so interesting!! I haven't gotten around to reading it and, who knows, it could be one of those rare books that you and I feel completely opposite about! But some of the things you mentioned are things that would probably bother me, too. So we'll see. Maybe I'll still give it a try. Thanks for a lovely & honest review, Carina!♥


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