Sunday, October 16, 2016

Review: Going Wild by Lisa McMann

I was supposed to read this book ages ago. As I got it from Edelweiss back in April, ack. And I was super excited about it. Yet I never started it. Hmph. Then I got a print ARC. Still didn't read it. But once my hardcover arrived, I knew I couldn't delay any longer. And I have finally read it now. I liked it a whole lot.

I'm giving this book three stars. I liked it a lot, yes, but I also didn't love it, and I had a few issues with it. Aw. Going to try to share all my feelings about it, but probably not writing too much about it. I'm not sure I have all the words. One thing I did love, though, was the writing. It was awesome. I adore Lisa so much.

I'm a bit behind in reading her seven book series, but planning on reading all of them soonish. I'm excited. Because fantasy books are more my thing, lol. And I did love the three books of those that I have read so far. But anyway. This one. I think one of the reasons for why I didn't love it is because it is set in present time, lol. And it wasn't fantasy at all. Aw. Sure, there was some magic powers, but from a bracelet, so no fantasy involved. Sad face. But even so, the story was pretty exciting. But yeah. I don't really like contemporary books, and this one really felt like one, just middle grade. There were so many school scenes. And small drama scenes. Ack. But it did have some sweet friendship scenes too, though I didn't fully love all of those. Still sweet.

But despite all of that, I liked the book a lot. I liked reading most of the school scenes, lol. And I did adore the main character. Charlie was simply awesome. I liked her a bunch. And I enjoyed reading about her and her life too. Her family was pretty great. And oh, I loved reading about the new place they just moved to. It seemed pretty awesome. But yeah, the book was a bit too boring for me at times, with the focus being so much on school. I hate school, lol. I felt like the plot picked up the most very close to the ending.

And then it ended. Hmph. The ending was exciting and pretty evil too and a cliffhanger. So rude. I liked it a whole bunch. I'm so curious about the next book in this series. Cannot wait to read it. I'm unsure what to say about the friends that Charlie makes. I'm not sure yet what I think of them. I liked Maria so much. She was adorable. And I did like Mac too. He was pretty sweet. But also pretty dumb. Which bothered me a bit. A bit sad there weren't even a hint of a romance anywhere in this book, lol. Might have wanted that.

But still. I think I liked her friends a lot. I'm just unsure, because some of the things they did I did not like. Mac made Charlie cry once. And he wasn't even sorry for it. She wasn't comforted. And that bothered me. I was expecting at least a hug. And did not get that. Hmph. I didn't like that Charlie was upset at all. It was pretty sad. Aw. And so I really wanted a hug scene. Oh, well. I'll live, lol. There are a few other okay characters in this book too. Kelly was pretty typical; the sort of mean girl. I ended up liking her, though.

I'm unsure about the plot in this book. The whole bracelet thing that Charlie gets that gives her power was pretty awesome to read about. But I felt like it was too little about it. I wanted more focus on all of that, lol. And I didn't like how she was always trying to take it off. Aw. But I loved the different powers that she got from wearing it. And figuring out how it all worked. It was interesting and fun. I'm unsure if I liked the fire scene. It felt a bit too much. Yet it was interesting to read about even so. Was written really well, though.

I'm not sure what else to say about this book, to be honest. Going Wild was a pretty great book. The writing was awesome. Charlie was adorable. The plot was exciting. But a lot of the book was boring as well. I felt like maybe half of it could have been cut, so that the book didn't end with the most exciting parts. I want to know what happens next right away, haha. But yeah. I'm glad I read this book. Wish I had loved it, but I'm happy that I enjoyed it. I do think you should all read this one. It is an interesting story.

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  1. Aw. Sorry this wasn't as good as you'd hoped. I know you're a big fan of Lisa's MG novels. Hopefully, you'll enjoy the next one.


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