Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mini Review: Please Remain Calm by Courtney Summers

Sigh. The long wait for this short story sequel was well worth it. And I'm so glad I re-read This is Not a Test before starting this one. Though I probably didn't need to, but yeah. I made me love it even more, I think. <3 Because Rhys. And Sloane. And so so much love. I adored this story.

I want to share all the spoilers. I want to talk about it so much. But I won't. I will email Courtney about that, hih. But for my review I will mention how much I adored this story. How perfect it was. And how heartbreaking it was too. First, Rhys point of view was the best thing. I love him.

Please Remain Calm is mostly just what happens to Rhys and Sloane after that killing ending of book one. And I loved it. I loved it so much. Though so much of it broke my heart as well. Eeek. But so perfect too. One thing made me sad, there isn't a single kiss in this story. Sniffs. But I'm okay with that. Because to me, Rhys and Sloane obviously adores each other. And that was enough. Plus, the things that happened in book one were pretty perfect to me. But yeah. I adored Rhys. And I adored Sloane. And they both grew a bit in this story. I loved reading about them both so much. And I want more. Always. They are just amazing characters. Sigh. There are also some new ones. Jess. Lisa. Ainsley. And I enjoyed reading about them all. But damn. They had such a sad story. They are awesome, though.

I won't say too much about Please Remain Calm. But I want to mention some things. First, it is stunning. Second, the writing is perfection. Thirdly, the characters are amazing. I loved the story too. Though there is a lot of pain. Ack. But so much love. There are also a whole lot more of the zombies. Shudders. Yet I loved it so much. More killing. More pain and hurt. But mostly just a really amazing story. And I'm so glad I read it. But yess. I do want more. And I need to re-read both books pretty soon, I think. <3

This story isn't very long, probably about a hundred pages, but it was also long enough. Okay, fine, I really wanted a few more pages, because that ending is evil. Ack. Yet still perfect. I loved it. But yes. I really want a sequel to this sequel. I'm going to cross all my fingers that Courtney might want to write more. <3 Because I would read it in a heartbeat. If you guys have read This is Not a Test, then you really must read this short sequel. You must. And you must read book one too. They are both so damn good.


  1. I love how fast you pump out these reviews after reading books. You are my inspiration, girl! I am sad to say I haven't read THIS IS NOT A TEST, but clearly that was a mistake on my part. I need to get to that one so I can read this. I like that amidst all the brutal parts of this world there is loyalty and love. Though this does sound more like a novella than a full novel. Great review!

  2. Haven't heard much about this one but glad that you are enjoying

  3. Woah you've read this book and posted your review already? You are on it Carina!! I've been at work all day, but can't wait to get home and finally read this book, I am ready for all the feels...I think! Lovely review!

  4. I'm so happy this was published, because the ending from This is not a test was a little unsatisfying for me.


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