Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cress Tuesday #66

Meep! Fairest is out today! Just waiting for my pre-orders to arrive, then I shall finally read it :D
A new year. <3 And more Cress Tuesdays, hih. I will stop doing these closer to the summer. Probably. I'm so glad 2015 is finally here. This is the year of Winter. <3 But before that, Fairest. Which I am so excited about finally getting at the end of this month :D I'm sure it will be the most awesome. And Winter in November. This year cannot go by fast enough. I simply cannot wait for this book. <3 I ended up not having the time to re-read these books last year, and I think I should wait until closer to November before I do so. Probably. We'll see. I'm excited about re-reading them all either way. <3 Cinder, Scarlet & Cress are the best books. I cannot wait to read Winter and Fairest. I know I'll love everything Marissa writes. <3 So excited about Heartless too :D I hope you are all enjoying these small and mostly non-spoilery teasers from Cress :) See all the previous Cress Tuesdays here. <3 Have you read it yet?


"Of course he's lying!" The doctor screeched, his voice breaking. He had managed to haul himself 
off the lab table and was now pounding on the glass with his palms, leaving smears of bloodied
 spittle. "She's capable of killing your head thaumaturge and all your guards and your entire court.
 She's Princess Selene, the true heir to the throne. She can kill you all, and she will kill you all. 
She's coming for you, My Queen, and she will destroy you!" 

Levana snarled. "Shut up! Shut up, you old man! Why won't you die already?"


 So excited for more Levana in Fairest :D
And in Winter too. Wonder how it will all end.. Ack!

Cyborg Monday. News: Fairest.

Was allowed to do this by Marissa and Macmillan; Thank you. <3 Marissa is the best. Check out her amazing website :D I'm also very much in love with the Lunar Chronicles facebook. So pretty. I hope you enjoy the teasers :) There will be one teaser each Tuesday. Can't wait for you all to read Cress :) Also, the teasers are now from my finished hardcover copy of Cress :D And oh, how it is gorgeous. <3


  1. I'm really excited for Fairest! Levana is such an interesting character and I'm really curious about her story. :)

  2. I cannot wait for my preorders to arrive, although I feel they're gonna take so long!!
    Amazing teaser Carina! I cannot wait for Winter!!

  3. I love that you're doing Cress tuesday! I must admit, this is the first time I'm visiting your blog and everything looks awesome! Cress was amazing for me. Plus, with over 500 pages [I think?] You'll have SUCH a great time choosing some teasers :)


  4. Eek! While I wish so hard that it was Winter that came out today, I admit I'm VERY curious to hear more about Levana. Gotta get a copy of Fairest ASAP! :)

    Great teaser, Carina!


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