Saturday, February 1, 2014

In My Mailbox #118

KITTEN IS 1 YEAR OLD TODAY! :D That makes me so excited. She's still a little devil, but she's so adorable and I love her so so much. <3 Sigh. Anyway. This was a pretty good week. I read some awesome books and I got a few awesome things in the mail. This week I read and reviewed Unforgotten, Alienated, Bridge of Snow, The Little Android & The Lost Planet :) And all of those were four and five stars. <3 I also shared the gorgeous cover for Plus One. And posted another Cress Tuesday teaser. <3 Don't forget to enter my INTERNATIONAL giveaway for a brand new ARC copy of Faking Normal plus some pretty awesome swag. <3 Enter the giveaway here :) What did you get this week?

Uninvited. I might have an ARC of this (A) Have yet to read it.. but I will! Hopefully soon. <3 We'll see.
Infinite. I'm so excited to re-read book one so that I can read book two and this :D I cannot wait.
Her Dark Curiosity. I will never ever read this book. But I couldn't not own it, still. Sigh. It is pretty.
Vengeance. I'm really hoping to be reading this book very soon :D Think it will be awesome.
Into the Still Blue. This book is just so good and this hardcover is gooorgeous. I love it so much.
The Shadow Society. I adore the new book by Marie; so had to buy this :D Reading it next, I think :)

The Unbound. I'm unsure if I should re-read The Archived first.. hmm. But so excited to read this :D
The Book Thief. I needed to own this book. Will read it one day. And this edition is just so gorgeous.
Merida. Hih, I just had to buy this book. <3 Haven't read it yet, but peeked; seems like a sweet story.
Her Dark Curiosity. Yeah, never reading, but I still needed to own this UK edition. Sigh. Pretty.
Shadow and Bone. This Spanish edition is GORGEOUS :D Just sad that there was no map + poster :\
Unremembered. This book is pretty amazing. And this US paperback is adorable. Had to own it. <3
Timestorm. I.. have yet to read book one and two. But now I have them all, so I can start one day :D
Red Rising. I saw people enjoying this book. So, of course, I had to buy it as well, lol. Hope it's good.
The Hobbit. Had to buy these bookmarks things. <3 They are gorgeous. Getting a few more as well :)

Defenders of Berk. The Skrill. <3 I need to own all these amazing dragons :D They are adorable.
Owl plush. I just had to buy this one, hih. I adore these plush and this owl was just way too pretty.

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  1. That Owl is really pretty. I also got Infinite and Unbound. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

  2. Haha, silly you! Buying a hardback of Her dark curiosity after all :p Merida looks like an adorable book and I love the bookmarks!

  3. AWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY! I can't believe she ruined so much of your swag :( but she's still so adorable so all is forgiven right? do you speak spanish Carina? (because you bought the S&S spanish version). Yes, Red Rising was such a fantastic book!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. Hih, thank you :D Aw, yeah. I'm pretty mad at her for it, lol. But she's so adorable. Sigh. Do not speak spanish, but had to get the edition :D

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  5. I hope you love The Shadow Society---let me know what you think as you read. It does have the tiniest bit of a maybe love triangle. So small so don't worry or get turned off from the book, ok! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTEN. I can't believe it's been a year! I remember when you went to go get the little cutie. SO curious to see what you'll think of Red Rising. I want to buy it because the book is so pretty.

  6. Happy birthday to your kitten! And I love the snowman beanie baby - so cute! I quite enjoyed Into the Still Blue and Shadow and Bone! Love that you got the Spanish paperback version :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. Look at all those books! Awesome! Your mailbox makes me SO jealous. :) Love owl too.

    Can't believe Kitty is a year old already. Time flies!

  8. Oh so many pretties Carina! The Shadow Society seems pretty amazing, I really hope you enjoy it and the rest of your reads too. And I have to agree the cover to Plus One is freaking amazing!!!!

  9. I loooved Red Rising and Into the Still Blue was fantastic, so you're in for a definite treat. Lovely haul, Carina!

  10. YAY for the kitty being one year old!
    And yay for having awesome mail weeks!! Having a full series all together is the best excuse to do a binge read, not having to worry about cliffhangers!
    Happy reading sweetie!

  11. Loved Infinite, Uninvited and Into Still Blue and hope that you do too

  12. Great haul love :) Enjoy your new books;) xx

  13. That edition of The Book Thief is stunning!

    Enjoy all of your books :D

  14. Wow, the Dark Curiosity UK cover is stunning!! Why never reading? Did you not like this one? I've been curious about it, but haven't picked it up yet. Infinite is gorgeous and such an amazing end to the series. Enjoy!

    1. I just can't. Have peeked, at love triangle is so damn bad :( I won't read it. Sigh. But I'm still curious about how the third will end :)


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