Saturday, March 9, 2013

In My Mailbox #71

I might have gotten a lot of books this week. Hih. I love them all. <3 They do seem pretty amazing ;) Most of them are pre-orders ;p I didn't get to read that much this week. I just haven't felt like it.. But I read a little bit, and I'm happy with that :) Still not done with changing my bandage every damn day. It still haven't healed enough. Ugh. I just wish it could be over with already. Anyway. I loved everything I got this week, and I can't wait to get the rest of the things I have ordered ;p Wish it was April 22nd. <3
What did you get this week?

Fragments. Not sure I'll read it. Peeked at ending. Not happy about romance. Triangle shit, I think. Ugh.
Requiem. Well. I did need this pretty hardcover :) Even though I doubt I will read the book at all ;p
Unremembered. I loved this book! Did you see my blog tour/giveaway post about it this week? :D
The Springsweet. Sigh. This book is just perfect. And oh. This paperback edition is gorgeous. I love.
Let the Sky Fall. I loved this book. And oh. These two copies are gorgeous. I love them so much. <3
The Fault in Our Stars. Gorgeous limited edition :D I love love love it. Sigh. This book is perfect.
Grave Mercy. This book is amazing. And this paperback is just gorgeous. I love it. Amazing book.
The Evolution of Mara Dyer. UK paperback. It is gorgeous. I love it. And oh, the book is amazing :)
The Goddess Inheritance. I really need to start this series soon :D I do think they sound awesome.
Balthazar. I did read her first four books, so I guess I should read this too soon :D Loved the first ones.
Boo. Omg. This is the cutest book. I love Boo! He is just adorable. And yeah. This book is amazing. He isn't as cute as my Tarzan, but he is adorable. My Tarzan was the cutest dog ever. <3

Brave CD Book. One last Brave book that I did not own (A) Hih. Have them all :D Love this one a lot.
The Murmurings. Think this book sounds awesome. So pretty. I really hope to get to read it soon ;p
Swan Song. Huuuuge book. I won this one via Darlene's Book Nook :D Seems awesome. Thank you. <3
Delirium Stories. I still don't think I will ever read book 2 and 3. But still. I do need all the books (A)
Girl of Nightmares. Sigh. Gorgeous paperback copy. <3 This book was just so damn amazing. Love.
Here Come the Croods. <3 Love. And oh. I've seen so so many trailers. <3 LOVE. I need this movie.
Game of Thrones Season 2. Love. Best tv show. Dying for season 3 to come.. Need to re-watch :)
Hotel Transylvania. Sigh. I adore this movie. It's just so so amazing :D I love it. Re-watching soon ;p
The Way We Fall swag. This is gorgeous. I love it. I'm a part of the Street Team :D Thanks Meghan. <3

Wreck-It Ralph Magazine + Sticker Album. Oh, I love this! Gorgeous, gorgeous magazine. Tiny game :)
Mouses! For my cat that I'm getting in late April. <3 Hoping she will love them :) They are cute ;p
The Croods. Color/Activity book. I love it. This one was not damaged at all, thank god ;p So awesome.

In My Mailbox is an weekly meme made by The Story Siren.


  1. I see "Swan Song," that's amazing! I like and collect work from Robert McCammon. One of my favorites is a short story of his called "Eat Me," which has to do with zombie romance. Fascinating mailbox, otherwise...

  2. Requiem is definitely worth reading! I just finished it and posted a review, wasn't too happy with the ending but it was an amazing book :)
    I loved Grave Mercy! Can't wait for Dark Triumph :D I also cannot wait to read Let the Sky Fall.
    Amazing haul, Carina :)

    My IMM

  3. This looks amazing all of it:) You are lucky, Carina:)

  4. awesome book haul! and omg you need to stop peaking at the ending!! you ruin the whole book for yourself when you do that! :P
    I really need to get Requiem, Fragments and Let The Sky Fall!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  5. enjoy all carina

    the boo books seems cute

  6. You got some pretty awesome books this week! I just got Requiem Thursday and I cannot wait to dig in and see what happens! I hope you enjoy everything!

    My IMM

  7. Woow! The UK Mara Dyer cover is indeed gorgeous!! :) :) Awesome haul Carina! Hope you will enjoy all this amazing stuff! :) ;) <3

    1. Yeah, it's awesome. <3 I adore it :) Thank you sweetie :D

  8. Wow, that's one gorgeous addition of The Fault in our stars! Happy REading!

    Letterbox Love!

  9. Fantastic books! Requiem + LTSF look fabulous. I got the limited TFIOS edition too - it's so nice, isn't it?

    Hope you enjoy all of your books!

  10. I am looking forward to Let the Sky Fall and hope you do too.

    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  11. WOW! You got a ton of awesome books! Yeah for you! I have The Fault in Our Stars on my shelf, but I haven't gotten to read it yet. Soon!! I loved your review on Let the Sky Fall and I can't wait to get it and read it soon. Enjoy all your goodies. :)

  12. Hi-new follower! I saw on Mel @The Daily Prophecy's blog that you also hated Anna and the French Kiss so I had to check out your blog.

    A very nice haul-I love when I get preorders in as I've usually forgotten that I've ordered them so it's like another surprise for me :)

  13. Jealousy is bouncing off of me! What a great book haul. I hope you enjoy all the ones that you got and that you heal quickly.

  14. Awesomeness like always <3 Grave Mercy (L)


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