Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fearless Rune Tattoo

4/19 Update: Wrote a bit more about my tattoo here :) Plus a better picture of it. <3

31 days ago I got my first tattoo. A Fearless Rune Tattoo based on Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. I wanted this tattoo because I loved the way it looked. And also because I really do need to get Fearless ;) Today I am showing you a picture of my almost finished tattoo. It is entirely healed, but I want to get more black on it. Which I get for free :)
Do you like it? <3


  1. wow that's amazing! I was planning on getting a rune tatoo as well! Thats awesome!

  2. I love it! If I were to ever get one, that's the one I would get.

  3. Wow you are brave! I always wanted a wrist tatoo.

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    1. Actually, Unknown, I didn't get the tattoo because of the rune. I got it because I thought it was pretty; and because it is an amazing rune from Cassie's series. At that is what I wanted. :)

  5. If I was 'fearless' enough to get a tattoo, I would get that rune on my shoulderblade!

  6. Wow!! Holy wow! I freaking love it!! It looks amazing!! If I could master to tolerate some pain I would get one too :P But I think in this life I will pass :P :P :D It's gorgeous, Carina!

  7. Nice one! :) I got tattoos on both my wrists and it took some courage, because I hate having any sharp objects near my wrists. :D


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