Saturday, January 27, 2024

In My Mailbox #638

Ohh. Suddenly Saturday again. This week have been tough for me. I had my surgery this Wednesday. First I spent ages dreading it. Then it was finally hospital time. And I had to wait for hours before it was my turn, as always. Ugh. Which just made me more nervous. But I made it. Surgery wasn't too bad and wasn't too bad after either. But been some days now. And the pain is slowly coming. Been bleeding a lot. And will take at least four weeks to heal. Thinking longer. Because this open wound is huuuge. Shudders. And does not look good, haha. But yeah. I'm hoping it heals well. And fast. And that I won't get more pain. My body isn't feeling too good. So I am just trying to take it easy. Still, I started a short middle grade book yesterday that I finished today :) But now taking a little reading break, ha. I know what I'm reading next. A re-read. And I cannot wait. But another hospital trip next Monday, so I will not start reading until after that. Anyway. Been exhausted this week. But I'm okay. I hope, haha :) I got some gorgeous mail, eee. And I'm waiting on the very best mail. Ahh. Still a couple of weeks until it arrives, though. But I am so very excited. But yes. Please give me some positive healing thoughts, ack. This week I'm waiting on Red in Tooth and Claw :D And I shared my review of Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy :) Hope that you are all doing well. <3

Divine Rivals + Ruthless Vows. Eee! My personalized copies are here :D I love them so. <3 Artwork too!
A Fragile Enchantment. Fairyloot January book. I'm curious about this one :D The artwork looks stunning.
The Foxglove King. Oops. Paperback edition :) Though I have yet to read this. Ahh. But hope to love it :)
Funko Europe. Oh no. I placed a new order for pop figures. Sigh. But I love them, eee :D New pokemon figures. Too cute. New Coraline pins. Bought 12, so got a whole box, and so I got all seven different ones, eee :D Love them. Still no Max from Stranger Things, though. Ugh. I'm still not giving up, though, haha :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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