Saturday, August 21, 2021

In My Mailbox #511

I am alive. Somewhat, haha. Surgery went well this past week :) And the pain has been minimal too, which I'm thankful about. Still healing, though, and will for a few weeks. So I'm taking it easy for a while. It seems like the surgery went fine, so I'm feeling hopeful and that it was worth it. Been bleeding a bunch, but getting better too. So yeah. I haven't done much this week. Just healing and relaxing, as much as I can :) Did get a bunch of lovely mail, though, so yay for that. Love it all. This week I'm waiting on Between Shades of Gray: The Graphic Novel :) Hope that you are all doing well and staying safe these days. <3

Luca. I couldn't resist buying this sticker album, eee. It looks so cute, haha. But also some fake stickers.
Shadow School 3: Phantoms. I need to catch up to this series soon, as I did adore book one. So pretty.
Rise Up From the Embers. One day I shall be reading this second and final book :) It do look gorgeous.
Luca. Another Luca book that I just had to get, ha. I so adored this most awesome movie. <3 So perfect.
Hotel Transylvania. I'm excited for movie four later this fall, eee :D This movie-tie-in looks so adorable.
Pop Figures. EEE! Thank you Funko Nordic for this most perfect gift. <3 Love. Bought Barbie myself :)
Lord of the Rings. Was so excited to buy this expensive steelbook set. <3 But box is damaged. Oh. Sobs.
Animal Crossing Amiibo. Eeeee. I am so in love with my new cards. <3 So so many. Thank you Megan :D

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