Saturday, August 7, 2021

In My Mailbox #509

Whoops. Nothing done this week either. But I will be reading this coming week for sure. Been so busy playing Animal Crossing. <3 Took me a couple of long days to finally get Judy. Gah. But worth it. And today we finally got a warm summer day again. <3 And better tomorrow. I know, the heat is just around 20C, but that is a lot for us, haha :) So I'm busy spending all day outside. And just so exhausted these days too. Hmph. And mostly just dreading my upcoming surgery. Less than two weeks left. Shudders. Will hopefully go fine, though :) Only one new blog post. This week I'm waiting on Feather and Flame :) And some stunning mail. Maaany more pop figures. Oops. I love them too much, haha :) Stay safe. <3

Harry Potter Pop-Up book. I have wanted to buy this one for ages, finally did. And it is pretty amazing.
Small Favors. Eee! I am SO excited about reading this book soon :D Gosh. Such a huge fan of Erin. <3
Red Wolf. This one was pretty much amazing. <3 And the hardcover looks so very stunning. Sigh. Love.
Pop Figures. Eee! The Mummy ones are peeerfect :D LOVE that little reindeer, haha. And HDM too. <3

More Instagram photos here. <3

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