Saturday, November 7, 2015

In My Mailbox #210

I'm so glad that I decided to finally re-read The Lunar Chronicles. <3 Those books are the best. Sadly, my pre-orders of Winter have yet to arrive.. So probably won't get to start it until Wednesday, sobs. Since I'm spending Tuesday at the hospital; can't wait to get more medicine. As my health have been the very worst lately. In pain every day. And stomach sucks. I'm so sick of always being sick. Sigh. So this week haven't been very good. But, I did finish catching up yesterday, mostly :D Hope I don't get so far behind again. Ack. Blog posts for this week. I posted my third review of Scarlet. <3 And book recommendation of Cress :) And another precious Cress Tuesday. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Vanishing Throne. <3 I shared the cover for The Raven King :D So pretty! Then I posted my book recommendation of Fairest. <3 So yeah. This week didn't go very well for me. But I did re-read some perfect books, and I'm so happy about that. And I did get some pretty mail :D Though still waiting on a lot. Ugh. Amazon is the slowest with my copies of Illuminae.. ahh. But soon :D So so excited for Winter. What did you get this week?

Inside Out. This movie is still the cutest. And this book has such precious figures :D So much love for it.
The Good Dinosaur. I love getting all of these precious books, lol. I'm just dying for the movie. Ack.
Neverseen. Yay :D It is so pretty! <3 Not sure when I will have time to read it; need to read book 3 too :)
The Bane Chronicles. I have this obsession.. I need to own all the editions. Ugh. New US paperback :)
City of Thirst. The gorgeous UK hardcover edition :D I adore it. This book was amazing. It's gorgeous.
The Map to Everywhere. Book one. <3 And new UK paperback edition. It is oh so pretty. Love this book.
Winterspell. EEEK! Thank you so so so much Sarah for trading with me :D YOU ARE THE BEST. Love.
San Andreas + Pitch Perfect 2 + Terminator Genisys + Oz + Dracula. New movies :D Enjoyed the first two and Dracula. But needed to own them. <3 And wishing to re-watch very soon too. Yay for good movies :)

Wolf By Wolf. Ahhh! Personalized copy that I ordered from Blue Bicyle Books :) Lots of love for this book.
Magnet Bookmarks. YAY :D They are perfection. Love Kai the most. <3 I'm addicted to these, lol. See my full collection below :D Just, ahhh. They are all so cute. I need more. Happy Hello is beyond awesome :D


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  1. I like your collection of bookmarks. They are so pretty. So many books and DVD's.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. YAY for the reread! So happy that you got it in before Winter. I love your signed copy of Wolf by Wolf, what a lovely package. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Carina. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Aweee, you bookmark collection looks so awesome and cute, Carina!
    I do hope your trip to the hospital will be good and your health will improve dear!! And I hope your Winter preorders will arrive super soon!

  4. Love your bookmark collection :) Love the bane chronicles, Magnus is one of my favorite characters from the world of Cassandra Clare. I also waiting on my pre-order for Winter. Hope your health will improve soon and hope everything will go well in the hospital.

  5. Bane Chronicles looks like it will be a good one. Hope you enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend and week ahead.

  6. :( I can't imagine how frustrating and miserable that must be for you, to be constantly sick. I hope the arrival of Winter brightens your day at least!!

  7. I hope you'll feel better, C. Enjoy the company of your books!

  8. Aaaah OMG how cute!! I love love love how you displayed the bookmarks & ornaments!! You have such fun collections, Carina! Thank you for sharing them all with us!

  9. I still need to see Inside Out! I've heard how amazing it is and I do love Pixar. And that Wolf by Wolf cover is gorgeous. <3
    I hope you start feeling better, C. Enjoy your new goodies!


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