Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Recommendation: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Oh, re-reading this book was the very best. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love these books. How much I adore all of these characters. How excited the plot makes me. These books are simply the best. And I'm so thrilled that I just re-read them all. But ahh, I want Winter now. Waiting for my pre-orders to arrive is going to be torture. Thankfully, this precious is out in just eight days now. Eeek. Can't believe I have waited so many years for this final book, and now it is finally almost here. I'm the most excited.

So far Cress is my favorite of all the three books. It is just so long and gorgeous and so much happens. But it is also the most heartbreaking and evil one too. Hmph. I think Winter is going to be even better and even worse, lol. I cannot wait. This is my favorite book, yes, but Cress isn't my favorite character. I mean, I love her just as much as I love everyone else. She's the most adorable. But Cinder and Kai are still my favorites. I think. Scarlet and Wolf a close second. Probably. I love them all the same, I think.

The writing in this third book is just as gorgeous as in the first books. Probably even more so. I love how amazing Marissa Meyer is at writing. She's just the best. Oh so kind and oh so talented. I adore her the most. These books are just so easy to read, and I love that so much. Cress is always exciting. And evil too. I loved reading every moment of this book. I love that it is over five hundred pages. But love even more than Winter will be over eight hundred pages. Eeeek. I couldn't be more excited about it :)

I don't know what to say about this precious. I probably already said it all two years ago, as I wrote a very long review back then. But I'm not re-reading it, lol. I shall try to get my thoughts together. But oh, it is hard. Because I love this book so much. And I don't know how else to talk about it. Just, it is incredible. And I need you all to read this book already. You will not regret it. Even with the heartbreak, it is such a perfect read. And, I must admit it, I loved all the evil parts the most, lol. So well written.

I cannot with how perfect all the characters in this book are. I adore reading more about Cinder. She's just all kinds of awesome. I love how she learns more about her Lunar powers, and how she struggles with how she uses her powers. I love how she's still crushing on Kai. It is so cute. Mostly, I just think that Cinder is an amazing person. And I adore reading about her. And hmm. Thorne. I adore him too. He is in this book a lot. And awful things happen to him. Yet he is still so brave and charming. I liked him a lot.

And oh, my precious Cress. She's such an adorable girl. So short. So cute. So innocent. I loved how she was crushing on Thorne before and after she met him. It was so cute. Cress and Thorne spend a lot of time together in this book. And we get to know them both a lot. And oh, how I loved that. Thorne is pretty awesome. And Cress is so great too. I loved her so much. And them together is just so much fun. And a bit of heartbreak. And a small bit of romance. I ship them so hard. Ack. They are the cutest. <3

Warmth overtook her and Cress closed her eyes. She thought her arms 
wanted to wrap around his neck, but her whole body was vibrating and dizzy 
and she could barely keep her fingers clutched around the fabric of his shirt.

There is so much I love about this book. How we learn a bit more about each of the characters. It is so awesome. Yet I do feel like I don't know nearly enough about Kai. Hmph. I so hope there will be a lot of him in book four. Pretty please. I need more of my lovely Kai. And more romance with him and Cinder, hih. I want that badly. Anyway. Getting to know the characters more was so awesome. Even Dr. Erland too. But my heart is still breaking from his story. It was so unfair. So mean. But I did love it too. Sort of.

Reading about Scarlet and Wolf makes me so happy. Because they are all kinds of adorable. And they obviously love each other so much, despite Scarlet being a bit nervous around him. But yeah. He loves her so much. Sniffs. And then something really awful happens. And seeing how they react to that was so amazing. My heart is still hurting. Yet it was so great to read about. And my poor precious Scarlet. I just want her and Wolf to be happy, and together. Ahh. I need Winter right away. Hmph. Give it to me. Now.

I'm not going to say much more about this book. I just. I love it so much. The plot is so exciting. The war with Queen Levana is all kinds of horrifying and yet so interesting too. I cannot wait to read more about it. I'm so glad that I re-read Cress. Because I loved it even more this second time that I read it. Sigh. It is such a perfect book. Also, I have loved sharing teasers of it for two years now. Eeek. I also have this huge book collection of all the books. I will share that once I get all of my Winter copies :)


  1. I so love Cress and Thorne!! And I so loved how much we got to know all the others characters too and how they've become a real team!



  2. i actually just recently read Cress for the first time and man I LOVED IT. I loved Cinder but WASN'T the biggest fan of Scarlet (the book), so I was somewhat afraid I wouldn't like Cress too but man it took me out of a HUGE reading slump and man I LOVE CRESS AND THORNE <3 <3 <3 I CAN'T wait for Winter!!!!! :D gorgeous review/rant/discussion Carina, I KNOW how much you love this series :D


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