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Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

I got accepted to read this book back in December via Edelweiss. But I didn't read it until now. Because I didn't think that I would enjoy this book. I wanted to, but I worried. But then today I felt like giving it a try. And I'm so glad that I did so. Because this book was amazing. I really, really loved it. Ending up at a five star, I think. I really enjoyed this book.

There were a few things happening in The Falconer that could have bothered me. But they didn't. I actually enjoyed pretty much everything in this book. And it makes me so so so happy. I love it when books I read are amazing, hih. And I know this will be a favorite of mine. And that I will re-read it. Sigh. So excited to do that, lol. This was such a perfect book.

The book is told from the point of view of Aileana. Whom I actually really loved reading about. She's amazing. Though also so sad and angry and heartbroken. Her mom died a little over a year ago. And agh. It hurt my heart to read about her death, because Aileana knows so much about it. Sniffs. But it was also very interesting to read about. This book is set in Edinburgh in Scotland in 1844. Which I loved. There are so many amazing past things to read about. Since Aileana is a Lady, there is a lot of things she cannot do. It was pretty awesome, hih. But oh. I would never have been able to live like that. A bit confused about the kind-of flying cars, though. Enjoyed them, but not sure they existed? Still, awesome.

I really liked the writing in The Falconer. It was beautiful. And I loved the way the characters spoke. Most of all I just really loved Aileana. I won't say too much about the plot, just a few things. Like the fact that Aileana kills faeries in secret. Which was just so cool, to be honest. Not like the faeries I have read about before. And I liked that very much. There are so many bad ones, yet we don't even get to read about all of them. She is trying to get revenge for her mother, who was killed by a faery. Sniffs.

There is this really cute faery, though. That lives in Aileana's dressing room. Derrick. He is very small. And handsome. And all kinds of awesome. (Not any kind of romantic feelings, though, just so you know.) But he is amazing. I loved reading about him. Though he do keep a lot of secrets as well. Grrr. But yes. I loved reading about him a lot. He was a great friend for her. Another great friend of hers was Catherine. Whom I also liked reading about. She was very kind and sweet. I loved their friendship. It was very real.

Aileana has been killing the faeries for more than a year now. And she has been fighting with Kiaran for that long. And swoons. Kiaran. I loved him to pieces. He is also a faery. I'm still not sure if he is a good or bad one. Both, I think. Because I really truly loved him. He is just so amazing to read about. He is a bit cruel at times. But nothing that bad. There are some amazing tension between them that I really loved. Not much romance, but a little bit. I need more. So much more. I cannot wait to read the sequel.

Anyway. I really loved reading about Kiaran. But agh. He keeps a lot of secrets. I have some suspicion about some of it, but there is so much I need to know. I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to know anything about it in this book. Agh. But the next one. There must be more in the next one. I really hope so, anyway. The fighting scenes between him and Kam, as he calls Aileana, was so amazing to read about. And agh! Kam was such a sweet name for her. Sigh. And swoons. I think they would be perfect together.

His eyes meet mine, and for a brief second, I feel that connection to him again.
An innate understanding. A like-ness that I can't begin to describe or comprehend.

This is where there will be a little bit of spoilers. About this character named Gavin. I guess someone would call this book a love triangle. And I see how it could be so. But I don't think it is. You see, Aileana knew Gavin years ago, he is Catherine's brother. Aileana used to want to marry him. But he has been gone for two years. And now she does not feel any passion for him, as she says. She is not in love with him. But oh. There are some things that complicates.. A scandal. But I don't think it will be a triangle.

I want to talk about all the things. But I will not. Just that I really loved the plot in this book. And I really loved reading about the characters. Though, yeah, I loved Kiaran the most, hih. <3 But yesss. I need to know all his secrets. And it will break my heart if Aileana can't deal with his past. Sigh. But I have hope. And I cannot wait to read book two. Sigh. I'm just so excited! I really loved this book. Also, there are a few quotes from the book in my review. Be aware that they are from the ARC and they might change.

I am a little bit confused about when the sequel will come out. Chronicle Books is the US publisher, and they say 2015. But Gollancz, the UK publisher, says October 30th 2014. I really, really hope it will come out then in the UK. <3 Because I need The Vanishing Throne right away, please. I cannot wait to read it. Because holy crap. The ending for this book. It is heartbreaking. It is evil. It is just cruel. And I loved it. But yess. I need the sequel as soon as possible, please. I really, really must know what happens next.

Huge thank you to Chronicle Books for accepting my request to read and review this book via Edelweiss. <3 I'm sorry it took me so long. But I'm also so glad that I finally decided to give it a chance. Because I really did love it a lot. But holy crap. You can't end a book like that! You can't. So evil. I need to know what happens next. I need the sequel right away. <3 I cannot wait. Anyway. I think you would all love this book. I hope so. I didn't think I would like it, yet I loved it so much. Which was all kinds of awesome.

When he unfastens the first button, I begin to shake. This is too intimate.
Just when I think I have myself under control, that my facade is impenetrable,
he does something new to shatter it. To remind me that I'm still human,
and that no man has ever touched me like this.

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. This was totally awesome, wasn't it sweetie??
    I loved it and I agree, the ending was soooo evil!! I cannot wait for the sequel!!
    Great review, Carina!

  2. Isn't it great? I love when you unexpectedly love a book that you've put off reading! I don't have an Eidelweiss account so, naturally, I haven't read this. But I'm glad it turned out great. :)

  3. I have heard that many people like this book, it seems very amazing. Have added it to reading list on Goodreads :) Great review, Carina :)

  4. Glad you loved this! I'm always so impressed with how fast you get out reviews. Yay for a great heroine! But flying cars? Is this steampunk? That definitely confuses me, but I do like the historical Scottish setting. It definitely sounds like this book is NOT a love triangle, but I'm still worried about one developing so I'm going to hold reading this until book 2 releases. But you definitely make Kiaran sound swoony!

    1. Hih, thank you Lauren :D Well.. more like a flying helicopter. But seemed like a car. Hmph. I'm not sure. Didn't seem.. real. But it was AMAZING to read about, even so :) I think you should read this one. <3 But yeah. Waiting for book two would be smart.. EVIL cliffhanger :)

  5. The writing / characters / story sound fabulous! I've been curious about this book, so I'm happy to see you enjoyed it so much! It's definitely moving up on my TBR list now.

    Great review :)

  6. Looks really good! I think this one almost seems a bit like Wicked Lovely and I adored that series, so I definitely will be looking to give this one a try! If I like Kieran half as much as I liked Keenan from WL I should be set :p

    Great review!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  7. As you know, I loved this book too. I was thinking I wouldn't but man did it blow me away. I want to read more NOW. But, we'll just have to wait. Great review Carina!


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