Saturday, August 20, 2022

In My Mailbox #563

This week have gone by crazy fast. As I have been so busy. Gosh. I had such a great week. I am fully exhausted, though, and still sleep like shit. Sigh. But I'm happy. We got some more warm summer days this week, which is not usual. So I got to sit outside in the sun and heat. <3 Been so lovely. I have not had time at all to read. But soon. I have been busy, as always, playing animal crossing new horizons. <3 And animal crossing pocket camp :D Still play it all day long, ha. Now been just over a month since I started. Gosh. And pokemon go every day too, of course. Busy with my cat. And my family, which is exhausting, ha. But so good too. So, yeah. I'm so behind. But I'm good. Funko Europe opened up to Norway, at last, ahh :D I placed two huge orders. Oh. My poor money. Then it arrived a couple of days later. And I am so, so happy. Sigh. So many pop figures, eee :D I cannot wait to order again, lol. And I got a new iPad this week too. Sobs. As a gift from a loved one. <3 So so excited. My iPad mini is years old and not working right. And this one is bigger and better to read ebooks on, so yay for that :D And my amiibo cards have been shipped. Might arrive next week, or week after. I'm beyond excited. So cannot wait for that package, ahhh. Will be epic, ha. <3 So. Yeah. I had such great mail this week. Eee. And had a good week as well :) This week I'm waiting on Stellarlune. <3 Hope you are all doing well :D And getting lots of great mail too :)

Nevernight Trilogy. Ahh. Bought from LitJoy Crate. <3 So expensive. But SO gorgeous. I love it, eee :D
iPad. I am so, so happy to finally own a new iPad, eee. <3 Will use it to read earcs :) And play AC, ha.
Pop Figures. Oh. I got so many of my pre-orders from pop in a box this week. <3 More to come :) Love them all, eee. Lapras was from Amazon, though. Which I'm not buying from again. They fully suck. Ugh.

Funko Europe. What. Ahhhh. My two very huge first Funko Europe orders have arrived, ha :D I bought so much. Too much. Not enough. Ha. And I love every single item, eeee. <3 Some I had pre-ordered from piab, that I have now cancelled. Some that were exclusives that I have wanted for some time. All truly aaamazing. Just wishing they will get some other exclusives back in stock soon, ha, that I have missed out on, before they shipped to Norway :) Also. My very first Funko Soda. And I got the chase, ah :D But.. wanted the normal edition, hahaha. Oops :) But so happy. And I love my squid game doll. It is stunning.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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