Saturday, August 6, 2022

In My Mailbox #561

This week have been so busy. And so exhausting. But I survived it :) Just.. so tired. And spend too much time in my bed, oops. And just spending all my days playing animal crossing pocket camp. Ack. Have not started a new book yet. But tomorrow I will :) Just needed a little more energy first. I got more medicine this week. It made me feel so so poorly. Hoping it will have a positive effect soon. Hmph. Last week I was so happy, as I had gotten to order all the cards I was waiting for. Ha. This week I'm so, so sad. Because they cancelled two of my three orders. Sobs. It's still breaking my heart. I had waited goddamn months. Now I might have to wait months more. I am not happy. Sigh. Okay, a little happy, as I did get some of the cards. But not all that I wanted. Rude. Anyway. Got a bunch of awesome mail this week, ahh :D Love it all. <3 And spent most of this week outside in the sun. It's been nice :) Today might have been our last warmish sunny day, though. Aw. I wish we had longer and better summers, haha. Plus side, it is closer to Christmas :D Ha! I'm excited for that :) This week I'm waiting on The Stranded :D Hope you're all well. <3

The Stars Between Us. I'm pretty curious about this. Have loved several books by this author before :D
Master of Iron. I have not read book one, oops. But I own all books by this awesome author, ha :) Pretty.
Team Chu and the Battle of Blackwood Arena. Only read one book by Julie, but now I need them all :D
Skyborn: Phoenix Flight. Eee! Book three :D I'm re-reading book one next. I'm so very excited for this :)
Aurora's End. Of course I had to get the new US paperback :D Ha! Have yet to read this, though. Oops.
The Art of Turning Red. Eee. This book is way too adorable and I had to have it :D Loved this movie so.
Digimon Survive. Oops. New game bought. I somewhat remember Digimon from when I was small, hah :)
Pop Figures. New cuties, eee. And love my new calendar :D Looks awesome. I love my unicorn so much.
Feather and Flame pre-order swag. Eee! Thank you so much Livia :D It all looks so gorgeous. <3 Love.

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