Saturday, September 25, 2021

In My Mailbox #516

This week I actually read a book! Whaaat! Ahh :D Haha. I finally made myself read the book that has been next to me for months now. <3 And I loved it. Sigh. Like I knew I would :) Just had trouble making myself start reading. But finally made it, after two months of not reading at all. Oops. I'm going to make myself start another book very soon; hopefully tomorrow :) This week I also got the most mail. Oops. So much amazing, though. And something veeery expensive. But worth it? Yeah. I love it so, ha :) I shared my review of Curse of the Phoenix. <3 And this week I'm waiting on Graceling: The Graphic Novel :D I have had a weird week. Hospital visit, which went okay. Then the day after I got home I got really sick. Aaagain. A cold, which sucks. Still sick. And waiting for it to pass. Sigh. So yeah, I'm not feeling so good. But finally getting medicine again this coming week. About time. I hope you are all doing better than me :) Oh! Also. I finally went to the cinema for the first time since 2019, I think. I saw Dune yesterday. Which was slow, but so good and beautifully made. But angry that it will be a series, I wanted more now, haha. And today I watched Boss Baby 2 with parts of my family. It was good, but I don't love those movies, ha :)

The Art of Luca. I had to buy this gorgeous Art of book. Own many Disney ones :) And this is so cute.
Empire of the Vampire. Oops. Three copies arrived :D Goldsboro is GORGEOUS. Reading it soonish.
The Hollow Heart. UK and US hardcovers, eee. Hoping to one day soon re-read book one to get ready.
The Last Legacy + Namesake + swag. Thank you so so much Adrienne for personalized books that I ordered via Union Ave bookstore. <3 They both look gorgeous and I love the special artwork so much.
TRUEL1F3. Couldn't not buy the US paperback for my collection, haha :) Soonish finishing this series.
The Rise of Flynn Rider. I even own the ARC too. Oops. Hoping to very soon be able to read this one :)
All These Bodies. Eee! UK paperback arrived. <3 And it looks so gorgeous. Love the shiny. Was so good.
Animal Crossing. I just could not stop myself from pre-ordering this small comic book, haha :) I love it so.
Pop Figures. A whole lot of new pop figures for me, oops. Love the Chase blue fairy. Finally got Lyra. <3
iPhone 13 Pro Max. Oh. Did I need a new phone, after buying my iPhone 11 Pro Max just one year ago? No, I did not. But did I still buy this brand new one? Yes, yes I did. AHHH! I couldn't help it, after reading about it, and the awesome camera on it :D Aaand. My sister bought my older one, so this one was a little cheaper.. So it was worth it for both of us. It arrived yesterday, and I already love it so goddamn much. <3

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