Saturday, November 7, 2020

In My Mailbox #470

This week have been all kinds of long and exhausting. Gosh. Have been following the election, which never ended, until now, finally :D So happy that Biden & Kamala won. <3 Hoping things will finally go better for America. Ha. Doubt it will be easy, considering so very many of them actually voted for Trump. Again. What the hell. Sigh. Anyway. I'm doing okay. Still exhausted, but here. And still safe. I spent all week long reading the same book. Loved it very much, but too tired to read. But finally finished today, so I'm happy :) But now I have a long list of other books to read, must get started shortly. Gah. Hoping it will be easier. Got a little bit of mail this week, including the most perfect and most wanted ARC. Sobs. I am SO HAPPY, eee. <3 A couple of new blog posts too. This week I'm waiting on Blade of Secrets :) And shared my review of Murder on Cold Street. <3 I hope you are all doing okay and staying safe too. <3

Lightbringer. Oh my gods. AHH! I am dying. Thank you so, so much Sourcebooks for this most perfect ARC. I am still dying. So thankful. So happy. My most wanted ARC. Sigh. Collection complete. Love. <3
The Grace Year. Gorgeous US paperback edition :D Eee. I adored this book. And.. must have them all.
Grimm Tales. Okay, I may have bought this edition just because it says Philip. Oops. Reading one day.
Funko Pop. My most recently ordered pop figures. New Harry Potter ones. Cute. Most adorable Barbie.

 More Instagram photos here. <3

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