Saturday, June 8, 2019

Review: Contagion by Erin Bowman

Ever since I first read this book over a year ago I have been so looking forward to reading it again. And now I finally have. It was so worth a second read. Just as good as the first time I read this book, and this time even better for me. It's going from a four star to a five star. And I'm so happy about it. I simply loved this book.

I was able to love this book even more this second time. I mean, I already loved it. So much. And this love keeps growing. I adore these characters. The writing is stunning. The world is killing me with awesome. And the plot was just so much fun and so horrible and I could not help but love every single moment of it. So good.

This book is everything I want from a space story. Creepy planet and characters. A scary story with an even worse ending. Some perfect characters that I could not help but ship together. Though this book only takes place in half a day. But oh, those hours were more than enough for me to completely fall in love with them all. For me to want Thea and Coen to be together, though there was not even a hint of romance between them. Yet. Eee. I have hope for book two. And I am just beyond excited for it. But yeah. This story was all kinds of incredible. I loved every moment of reading this book again. I will not be sharing too much about it this time, only a little of my thoughts about it. As explaining this book is pretty much impossible. It's so good. You need to read it.

This is a space book. Different planets in space to live on and different rules. And I enjoy these kinds of stories so much. Contagion was written so well and I simply enjoyed it so very much. It is told from a few different point of views, with the main ones being Thea and Nova, two teenagers. They begin this book evacuating from a planet they are working on because of a storm. A small team is ordered to go on this rescue mission. It takes two months for them to get to this planet where another ship have gone silent.

From the very beginning of getting to this planet things begin to go wrong. So much happens. This book could be pretty brutal at times. I loved it so. Oops. There are not that many characters in this story, and we mostly get to know all of them. Though the main ones are still Thea and Nova. Getting to know those two girls was the very best. They are so different, but both awesome. I loved Thea the most. She was so amazing. Just an intern, not really trained at anything, but so fierce and brave despite that. Loved her so.

Nova was pretty amazing too. And I adored getting to know her as well. She is gay, which is mentioned a lot, and I loved that. This book is also diverse and it was all written well. These characters were the best and I loved getting to know them all. But what I loved the most about this book was the creepy planet they ended up on. The contagion that was on it. How it infected people. How it all worked. It was creepy and so interesting and so exciting too. This was such an evil book. And I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

Even though I have already read this book before, haha. It was still exciting. Every moment of it. For the two months it took this rescue crew to arrive to the planet, the people that were there are all dead. Except for one. Coen. And this poor boy have been alone for two months on the creepiest planet. I loved it. I still need to know more about him, though. But gosh, how I loved Coen. He was truly awesome. Fierce and cunning and strong. And pretty helpful as well. I needed this precious boy to live. Sigh. I loved his story.

There was so much I loved about this book. So much that happens. So much about all of the characters and how they all react to this planet and how they work together. But I will not share much more about it. Because I am not able to find the words for it. My love for this book will have to be enough. I'm so thrilled that I decided to read it again just now. I'm so happy that I loved it even more this second time. And gosh, how good the second book is going to be. I cannot wait. I need more of Thea and Coen. A bit of romance.

My issue with this book the first time I read it was that I found the beginning to be slow and boring. This time I did not have that issue. I think it is because I read a hardcover copy of this book now, and not an ecopy. I find that I enjoy books more if I can hold them. And it was true about this one as well. Because this second time I did not find the beginning slow. And this time I cared more for all the characters. Which is truly the best feeling. It makes me beyond happy to have read this book again and loved it even more.

If you still have not read Contagion then you really must get moving. The sequel will be coming out in a month. Which you need in your life. I'm lucky enough to have an early copy and I will get to start it right away. Though my review will not be up for another month. But oh my gosh. You need to read this book already. It's exciting and creepy and every kinds of perfect. I am beyond excited about Immunity. A little worried. But most excited. And hoping it will end up being everything that I want it to be. Fingers crossed.

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