Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Review: Okami & Yumi by Renee Ahdieh

This was such a very short story. Less than ten pages. Yet it was also such a stunning one. I loved being inside the head of Okami again. He had a few small point of views in Flame in the Mist, and I adore this boy more than I can say. Fingers crossed he will have a point of view in Smoke in the Sun. Want that so.

In this short story, Okami is being taken as a prisoner back to the castle. Where he is sure he will end up dead. These pages are about him thinking a little about his life, and him coming to terms with his upcoming death. Which breaks my heart. This boy does not deserve death. He deserves the very longest life.

This story is not very long, so I'm not writing a lot about it. Also because there truly was not much happening, haha. But it was still such good pages. Great writing. And I just love Okami so so very much. I so cannot wait to read Smoke in the Sun next, to know what happens to this precious person. And so so excited for more of him and Mariko together. Eee. Well, I hope there will be a lot of romance happening. Crossing all my fingers for that, as they were the cutest together. Okami was a stunning short story. Not much happening, mostly just the thoughts of Okami. And I did not mind that one bit. Because he is amazing and I loved learning a bit more about him. If you have read Flame in the Mist, then you must read this short story. Four stars for this one.

Such a short story, but full of heart. It is less than ten pages long, and this story is from the point of view of Yumi. She is the sister of Okami, and we met her a little in Flame in the Mist. She is training to be a Geisha. And so she is living a pretty safe life right now. In this story we learn that she is tired of living it safe.

And gosh, I adored getting to know Yumi a little more. I hope there will be her point of view in Smoke in the Sun, as we did not get to read about her in the first book. Crossing my fingers. This was not a long story, so there was not that much to get to know about Yumi. But we get to see a little bit inside her head.

Yumi seems like such an incredible girl. She also knows a lot. And I think that she is going to end up being an important and awesome character in the second book. At least, I hope so. I would love to read more about her. She and her brother have mostly lived in hiding, after what happened to their father when they were young. And I am so curious to know what will happen next, if Yumi is going to leave her safe place. I do not want this girl hurt. But gosh, I want her to get to have some adventures too. And maybe a bit of romance. At least, with this short story, I'm assuming she will play a bit part in book two. Hope I am not wrong. If you have read Flame in the Mist, then you really need to read Yumi too. It is short, but it is so stunning. Four stars.


  1. I'll probably wait for the compilation.

  2. Glad you enjoyed these short stories. I hadn't heard of these. Thanks for sharing. :)


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