Monday, June 1, 2015

Review: Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty

I knew I had to read this book when I saw that gorgeous cover. Plus the summary was exciting too. Was thrilled when Disney-Hyperion approved me on Netgalley to read it early. Today I finally started it. And I'm so glad that I did. Because this middle grade book was all kinds of amazing. I pretty much loved this.

I found the writing to be great. And I enjoyed reading it very much. It was a fast read, which was both good and bad. Because I wanted so much more. It should have been lots longer, hih. So I'm hoping there might be a sequel one day. I would love to read more about Serafina. Because she's awesome. Whole book was.

Deciding to give this one four stars. Because I enjoyed it all the time. I wanted to know what would happen at every moment. Yes, I had some issues. But mostly only that I found some things to be a whole lot of silly. Like the truth about Serafina's mother. It was a bit weird. Yet it was pretty amazing too, and I liked reading about it. This book wasn't perfect, but it came close, and I did end up loving it. I found it be a bit silly at times, yet I never disliked it, and ugh. Yeah, this book was pretty amazing. And I'm so glad that I finally decided to read it. I cannot wait for my hardcover to arrive in July. It will be beautiful. I would re-read this beauty.

But gosh. How do I talk about it. It isn't a very long book, though still three hundred pages. But it felt like I read it so fast. Which is a good feeling. As I was never bored. Just, oh this book is just stunning looking. And I'm so thrilled that I loved it. That I enjoyed the writing a lot. That I adored Serafina. And her dad too. Though he had lied for so long. But he was trying to protect her. And he was a great dad to her. So yeah. I loved her dad a lot. And I did understand why they had to live in the basement for years.

This book takes place at Biltmore Estate. A huge mansion out in the woods somewhere. And I loved that. It seemed like such an amazing place. And I loved reading about Serafina learning things about this place, about the people living there. I loved Serafina. So much. She's twelve years old. Though different from other girls. And I loved learning why. It was awesome. And a bit weird and silly, yet perfect too. Not fully human. Yet she was all kinds of amazing. I adored reading about her so much.

Serafina is an amazing character. Getting to know her more was perfection. I loved how she and her pa lived in the basement of the mansion, with no one knowing that they did. I loved how she had to hide from people. Yet it was so heartbreaking too, because she was never with anyone. It was lonely. But I understood it well. And it made for a great plot. I loved how Serafina hunts for rats. It was pretty epic. She's brave and fierce. I loved how she protected people. How she cared about her pa and later Braeden.

This book is stunning. And it has an amazing plot. Someone is kidnapping children from the mansion. Serafina has seen him; almost got taken by him. And now she wants to take him down. And I adored reading about it. She's awesome. Brave, yet scared too. I loved reading about the villain in this one. Shudders. He was pretty awful. Yet one thing bothered me a little bit. The mostly happy ending. I wish it had ended a whole lot darker. But I understand why it didn't. And I'm happy about it. Truly. A great book.

There is also a perfect friendship in this book. Serafina hasn't been friends with anyone, haven't talked to anyone else, not really. But then Braeden sees her. And they start to get to know each other. And ugh. It was amazing. And so cute. Not fully perfect, but I loved reading about it a lot. And I adored Braeden. Though the friendship is not such a huge part of this book at all. He isn't in it all that much. Wish he had been, but I'm okay with it. This book was about Serafina. And getting to know her. I loved her so much.

There is still much I could say about this book and this plot. But I won't. Just that I found it to be weird and exciting and I loved every moment. So happy I read this one. Serafina and the Black Cloak is a stunning book. It is full of excitement and scary moments. It has a beautiful growing friendship. It has amazing characters and gorgeous writing. You don't want to miss this book at all. So go order it right away :D Huge thank you to Disney-Hyperion on Netgalley for accepting my review request for this one.

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  1. 300 pages is a lot of book! Lol. Glad it seemed to have gone by fast for you and that you enjoyed it. :)


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